Destiny Beta Diary - Entry Three: Impressions

My third day with the Destiny Beta went by in a blur of laser fire. The story missions I’d been playing had started to feel indistinguishable from each another. That’s not to say it wasn’t fun, it’s just, with this being a shooting game, that’s the only interaction you have inside of missions, at least in the Beta. Sometimes you go fight through an area and kill a boss and sometimes you defend an area while Ghost fixes up some Golden Age technology – and you usually kill a boss. But really, when you think about it, did we ever do more than that in Halo? Not really.

The fun in Destiny often comes from the great AI and playing with others, which Bungie has made as slick and simple a process as possible. You can jump straight into friends’ games, invite them, or land on an area where they’re playing and try and manually find them – it’s a great system. All the menus are a joy to navigate and make sense immediately. Destiny, even in Beta form, really puts other games to shame with its ease of use and stability – I’ve never had any rubber banding or similar issues.

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