Destiny Beta Diary - Entry Two

Kirk had grown accustomed to the small area in The City that the Beta lets players explore. He had cast aside his beach ball and upgraded his ship so he could head to Old Russia. This is the first mission area the game lets you loose in and it’s huge.

Looking at the map, it looks like there are about 13 areas in this section alone, which is big enough until you consider that there are other planets to explore as well as Earth. Destiny is going to be massive and not just commercially.

When I spawn in Russia, I’m greeted by an open expanse. To my right, just over a verge, a group of enemies have converged. Time to try out my new rifle. I’ve gone for a long-range rifle with a kick like Anderson Silva – it has no scope, relying instead on ironsights, but it does the job nicely. I throw a stun grenade – an ability I unlocked at Level 2 – and pop their heads in the confusion.

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