Incredible Shenmue Minecraft Mod video

A look at Shenmue Minecraft style in this amazing video which has taken some two years to make.

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aceitman1553d ago

Best minecraft map ever made... GREAT JOB!

galgor1553d ago

This is absolutely incredible. The detail is as good as it gets!

ko4life1553d ago

I know I'll get a lot of flack for this but I think Minecraft's graphical presentation looks like crap. Totally Wolfenstien 3D and that's really dated. It's not as elegant and polished as the lego world. I would love to see lego Zelda and lego Shenmue. As a Shenmue fan I just shuddered at the Minecraft treatment but fans of the game will like it.

hkgamer1553d ago

i appreciate the effort. just havent played minecraft and dont appreciate the graphics.

i mean if they used one block as a pixel and recreated the house and dojo then i would be impressed.

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