Protek Pro Thumb Grips for Xbox One Review - TXH

Neil writes "Think of yourself as a pro gamer? Maybe you’re just a video game addict who plays for hours on end? Whichever you are, you’ll know that in the past the thumbsticks on controllers eventually wear away, leaving you with little control or grip on those all-important movement sticks.

Protek have seen room in the Xbox One accessories market for the addition of Pro Thumb Grips for the Xbox One controller."

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oKidUKo1644d ago

Think they're something I'd have more likely bought for 360 instead of Xbox One but you never know...

Exari1644d ago

man those look extremely ugly..

neil3631644d ago

They aren't the most beautiful of things but for less than £3 they were never going to be.

Artista 1644d ago

talk about ruining your sticks..