Cult of the Wind Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Multiplayer shooters are usually dreadfully serious affairs with lots of menny-men being so manly with their flanking, cover firing, grenade throwing, curse-ridden kill-streaks and tactical drone-drops. If it isn’t that type of body shredding fun then we’re trying to sneak up behind our targets, slit their throats and watch dispassionately as they bleed out on the cold, hard floor of tough luck.

Cult of the Wind is as far from that as possible. It has neither the gratuitous violence like Call of Duty or Battlefield and doesn’t take the wacky humorous route like Loadout or Team Fortress. Instead it runs at 88mph and replicates those days in the past on the school playground when you and your mates pretended to be Spitfires and Messerschmitts, gunning others down in imaginary fashion".

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JamieReleases1551d ago

Cult of the Wind needs more marketing to help it get more players, I'm not sure if updates will pull more players in, but it could improve the game. It needs more people knowing about it though, for sure.