Registering your PS3 nickname via PC delayed

Sony is keeping mum about being able to register usernames online via the PlayStation Store. We were originally told this would be in operation worldwide yesterday.

All that's known at present is that the launch of this service has now been delayed and that a new date will be confirmed soon.

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TheXgamerLive4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

I'm so shocked!! I can't believe this. Everyday something else goes wrong, boy is my face red. I should of never said all those bad things about sony.

sony's release was such a joke this time, I mean how weak and pathetic is this. guaranteed the weakest release line up in console gaming history. Sad.

TheXgamerLive4446d ago

If you think they can, tell us all how.

ASSASSYN 36o4446d ago

Thats what happens when you don`t have a unified on-line network like Xbox-Live.

dbug3604446d ago

what the fck are you all complaing about? this is good news!!!!! now only the people with PS3 can take the names, its more fair that way....if they let every sign up they would all end up on ebay

Capt CHAOS4445d ago

Shame, I was hoping to get my gamer tag for when I get my PS3, late 2007.. :-(

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