PS3 Grilled Cheese Sony PlayStation 3 sandwich + 60GB

A Playstation 3 grilled cheese sandwich just sold for $202.50. The winner was only $9,797.50 away from having a Playstation 3 included with the sandwitch

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Mr Murda4447d ago

...was it grilled using the PS3?

People are stupid to bid for this nonsense.

jerseynets044447d ago

dang. so somebody got a Grilled AND a ps3 bundle package for $200 something dollars??? sucker is lucky. ( the ebay page says winner will also get a ps3 bundle )

Ugly American4447d ago

If the auction reached 10,000, THEN they got the PS3. Read more carefully.

Davisinvt4444d ago

It was supposed to be a joke, something for all those crazed bidders to laugh at while they fought for overpriced PS3s. Sure we had one too, but we were not going to part with it cheap. Meanwhile, if you follow the favor of grilled chesse on Ebay, it seemed there was not yet a grilled cheese listed, we simply filled the void. Who would have expected a subsequent bidding war? Not to mention the 50/50 mix of emails we received about how funny this was or how stupid we were. Let's be clear, and please read, read, read, the auction. It was for a sandwich, and certainly we would have kicked down a PS3, no joke, if the bidding had reached 10K, but we weren't counting on that. We weren't counting on selling a Sandwich for $202.50 either.
I highly recommend reading before bidding on ebay, we are not malicious, and even offerred an "out" for the bidder assuming they had made a mistake and had misunderstood what we thought had been quite clear. That was not the case.
Grilled cheese has power over man, know this.