How Blu-ray Lost, Then Won, And May Lose Again

By early January, everyone knew that the end was near for HD-DVD. At the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Time Warner announced that its Warner Bros. film studio would no longer support both high definition film formats and that it would go exclusively Blu-ray. Six weeks later, after a series of defections, Toshiba announced that it would no longer manufacture or market the HD-DVD format. These events were the end of a war that waged for two years, costing consumers and companies millions that they spent on a soon-to-be obsolete technology. To really understand what happened, you need to start at the beginning.

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Fishy Fingers4553d ago

This is a gaming site correct? The format war has been and gone, so should of these "stories".

BulletToothtony4553d ago

and then at the end, with one opinion he ruined his whole article, his explanation is that until bluray players don't hit $199 sony won't win....

what a waste of time to write such a big article to point out something so simple... of course bluray players are gonna take off once they hit $199 and even more when they hit $ 99,

bluray won, give it up and shut up already

Panthers4553d ago

Its not the cost of player as it is discs. Once the standard is $19.95 for a movie then it will take off.

Godoftheweek4553d ago

The "facts" that Warner was about to go HD_DEAD, Fox switching with them and Sony paying Fox and Warner to stay are stay with me now...RUMORS. Show me some proof to back up these "facts." Paramount and DreamWorks showed in their financial reports that they did indeed get $150mil from Toshiba. So if Sony did indeed pay where o where is the proof? I believe these "facts" were spread by Microsoft.

blu-ray was already outselling HD_DEAD over 2 to 1 for an entire year. Warner said repeatedly that this stalemate cannot go on for to much longer because the confusion would result in the winning formant missing the boat. It made NO sense for Warner to prolong the War by switching sides effectively creating a 50/50 studio split.

Until some actual physical PROOF comes up, do not state RUMORS as facts.

Thank you.

deeznuts4553d ago

Fishy Fingers, look above you, there are tabs Industry, Dev and Tech.

It's News FOR Gamers, not news strictly about gaming.

beavis4play4553d ago

not that it matters to me, but i read and watch lots of news of all kinds. i've never heard or read(as fact) any of the stuff this guy is saying. and, ps2 has been recognized as what made the dvd format so popular. i will agree that lower priced stand-alone players should be expected before end of the year.

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Silogon4553d ago

It's winning in my home and that's all that matters to me. I buy bluray and bluray only now.

Blademask4553d ago

About how bad disc formats are? Hmm. THe worlw will never know.

PimpHandHappy4553d ago

BR will be around for a very very long time.


till they drop the price on new movies im not buying any. 30 bucks a movie is crap. I buy movies and have always said my limit is 20bucks. If its a great movie i might even spend 20-25 bucks. I will not spend 30! its my own limit

when these movies hit that 20bucks and under range you can bet they will fly off shelfs

Drekken4553d ago

Movies on BR should be $15 and no more. Until then I will stick to renting them.

beavis4play4553d ago

and i never pay more than 20 dollars. and some i get for as little as 14.

but for the movies that are must have (for me) i'll pay best price i can find. recently announced LoR trilogy coming to blu is one example of paying whatever i have to pay.

kingOVsticks4553d ago

just can't let sony,blu ray have its moment seriously give it up

Blademask4553d ago

Thats what its all about.

Google me an article acknowledging that Sony is doing something right. I'll give you time. You wont find any.

I mean whoever thought winning a format war was a bad thing? Until Sony does it.

The Lazy One4553d ago

If they didn't raise prices after winning on both the format and the players, people might do that.

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