Report: Grand Theft Auto IV sold few consoles

Despite record-breaking sales and levels of hype never before seen for a video game launch, Grand Theft Auto IV had no discernible effect on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 hardware sales for the month of May.

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Jamie Foxx4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

to either 360 or ps3 then consoles would have certainly shifted

well by pre-order stats MGS4 is holding the trophy for console sales at the moment,over 500,000 in japan alone thats serious numbers,good ol snake

wonder if microsoft regrets that 50mil dlc? thats alot of money by anyones standards

Shadow Flare4553d ago

yeah i mean dlc in a years time? Will anyone care? Suprised if this article is true though, you would have thought GTA4 would have sold consoles. But like you said, i think MGS4 is doing the job quite nicely. Only a few more days now

LaChance4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

any guy with half a brain knows that 50 million was for GTA4 to go multiplat.

Geow 1 cost 10 million to make (Epic themselves gave the digit)

I mean even a hardcore fanboy with no knowledge whatsover in business can guess that 50 million was not for DLC (though included in the deal of course).

@JAMIE FOXX: well , looks like you dont even have half a brain (that wasnt even aimed directly at you ) :

- why do you think DMC4 went multiplat ? MSFT paid for it

- why do you think Assasins Creed went multiplat ? MSFT paid for it

- and what did Capcom and Ubisoft say ? That MSFT paid for it ?

Of course not ! duh !

stuff like that are kept secret.Firms dont reveal things like that.

Haze went PS3 exclusive (of course Sony made a deal for it, otherwise give me another reason for FR to cancel PC and 360 versions (both are home for FPS's and would have had solid sales jsut for being a FPS ))

What did Free Radical say ? "Sony paid for it" ?

Of course not ! They said "We want to take adavntage of the full power of the PS3 hardware" when OF COURSE Sony paid for it.

Same goes for Bioshock.

Once again 50 million WAS NOT for DLC but for GTA4 to go multiplat (DLC is only part of the deal)

Think for a second , its pretty obvious that 50 million for DLC cant be right whan a game as impressive as GEOW costs 10 million.

Jamie Foxx4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

rockstar stated that the reason gta4 went multiplat was due to sonys reluctance to confim details and plans that needed to put in place regarding gta4,many blame ken for gta4 going multi-plat his arrogance at the time and reluctance to confirm the deal which is why he was fired(along with his wierd rants)which is why kaz hirai who was more into the gaming side of things than the hardware side was then put into his spot.

so lachance that brain thing you were chatting about.......

edit=lachance dmc and assasins went multi plat for revenue reasons the company of those games would obviously generate more money releasing on two platforms,common sense.

so i guess dlc was free for microsoft no millions was paid for that exclusive content ok well ill leave you with that dream now lets go play with the tooth fairy

TheExecutive4553d ago

sorry Fox but I am quite sure that the 50 million dollars went to outbid the Sony exclusivity deal.

Jamie Foxx4553d ago

you could be right dude but im just stating what came out of rockstar.

dlc wouldnt be free so what was the price microsoft paid for the dlc then?
its a known fact that it run into the millions as a game of gta size you would expect that,which really is a waste of money when it could have spent to secure the services of mgs4 or a new ip

mindedone4553d ago

the fifty million went to disrupt gta exclusivity, since it makes sense. But what I don't understand is how you can vehemently disagree with what Jamie Foxx says without having evidence to the contrary. Jamie has accounts of people stating that the fifty was for DLC. Regardless of whether that seems high priced or not, or whether it seems more feasible that MS paid for gta to be multiplatform, only a person with half a brain would push this as canon without having proof.

Jamie Foxx4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

people like lachance dont want to believe microsoft have made a mistake so they spout off information with no evidence.

end of the day whether its 50mil.30mil or 10 mil, millions was paid for dlc it isnt free and for a game of gta's scope it was alot of money,lachance has stated geow cost 10mil so basically for the price of dlc exclusivty for a game which has lost its hype very quickly microsoft could have had a new ip.

lachance everyone makes mistakes thats life and even the most hardened fanboy can see microsoft could have spent that money more wisely. just like sony made the mistake in losing gta exclusivity in the 1st place

dan-boy4553d ago

game pre-orders? or console orders?

can you elaborate please.

i wouldn't think that microsoft will regret the 50mil. they will recoup that in download royalties over both episodes....and rockstar/taketwo are always smiling when it comes to rvenue generated by gta....if they get this out before christmas, just watch the spurt in gta game sales aswell.

deeznuts4553d ago

the executive, I'm sure the $50M helped, but it wasn't a bidding war. Rockstar themselves said they approached sony, and stated, if they (sony) allow GTA IV to be multiplat, that the next one or two Rockstar IPs will be Sony exclusive. Sony said go for it.

This was in an interview with a Rock exec IIRC

tweaker4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

I said that from the beginning. 50mil went towards making GTA4 multiplat and they threw in the "exclusive" episodic content package in there before finalizing the deal. Yet, hardcore 360 fans have been spouting, hyping, and bragging about the 50 million-worth DLC episoding content like it was the second coming of Christ. Believe it or not, but these exclusive episodic content won't be the size of San Andreas or Vice City. Rockstar could easily brand another GTA with a new city with updated features and make millions more selling in physical medium on both platforms than catering exclusively to Live's online marketplace.

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Jackthepwnsaur4553d ago

GTA went multiplatform, so theres little effect

theKiller4553d ago

and not moving hardware game!!
if it was exclusive for sony it would have moved much more consoles but less software!

PimpHandHappy4553d ago

who cares what MS thinks!

Its not like they have been right on anything other then getting a year head start so they wouldnt be put into the grave early like the 1st xbox

other then that they have been behind the curve as soon as the PS3 launched.

I dont think MGS is going to move a huge amount of systems. Its just the time of year and ppl, adults atleast, have pressing issues with a reocrd hot summer on the way with gas and eltric utiltys going up by huge amounts.....

but i do think MGS will be a good seller. Its going to be a great game and we all know PS3 owners will buy great games. Its the average ones that suffer

Closing4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

MGS4 is already shifting huge amounts of consoles just in bundle pre orders alone so you're quite wrong on that one. Not to mention the main reason I bought a Ps3 was because of MGS4, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. In-fact I personally know of a few people who did the same for the same reason.

fenderputty4553d ago

Hasn't the bundle already sold out in Japan?

fenderputty4553d ago

If anyone agreeing with me acutally knows, it would be great for a link. I remember reading this in comments and vaguely remember an article.

Anyone know for sure?

theKiller4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

sold out in japan yes, and those r the gun-gray color with MGS4 LE and DS3, and konami said they made only around 100,000 of those but who knows, maybe sony will make for them more!! they should at least!!
also they selling everywhere a lot of the normal 40,80 GB bundles from sony and konami ones in europe and NA, but no one knows how many sony made of konami bundles!!!

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meepmoopmeep4553d ago

probably because most gamers who are into GTA already have bought either the PS3 or 360.

i'm still very surprised that it didn't have a huge hardware sales impact though

LaChance4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

"everybody makes mistakes"

Of everyone makes mistakes : you made a mistake thinking MSFT paid 50 million for DLC.

Sony made a mistake paying for Haze to go exclusive , and MSFT have also made mistakes.

Thats the way it is.

BeaArthur4553d ago

Lets face it if you are a hardcore gamer you probably already have one, or both, or all three. This doesn't surprise me all that much. The sales of the game were pretty impressive none the less though.

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