Here is Every Ghost and Golden Chest Location in the Destiny Beta Test

Here is every Ghost location known in the Destiny Beta test. For those looking to complete their list of Grimoire Cards and pick up all of the legend from Destiny, you’ll be interested to find these Ghosts throughout your adventures.

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Jacktrauma1734d ago

So many ghosts! They came from the moon!

JoeIsMad1734d ago

They actually came from the traveler, but I see what you did there...

Mikey322301733d ago

Does anyone feel like these types of things ruin the experience a little for them?

I'm not sure how i feel.

The Meerkat1733d ago


I didn't even know there were golden chests.
I think I've only ever seen green ones.

I want that "OMG I found a gold chest!" moment.

Magnus7011734d ago

Good, I'll use that on the XO beta =P

JoeIsMad1734d ago

I don't expect anything to change, so this should get you a nice head start.

Magnus7011734d ago

Much needed because of the limited time >.>

ROQFrost1733d ago

Awesome guide thank you.

Cryptcuzz1733d ago

I've spent a a lot of time on Destiny beta and wish I can go above the level 8 cap they have in the beta so I can use some of the higher level equipment I've found.

However, what do we get for finding all the ghosts? I know with finding all the Golden chests, it gets you a new Sparrow.

GrimWykydtron1733d ago

I think they mentioned some in game rewards like new shaders and emblems.