Are You Bored Of First Person Shooters?

This fall season marks the launch of some major AAA first person shooters coming soon to current and previous generation consoles. The buzz and excitement for these shooters are at fever pitch, with games like Destiny, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Battlefield Hardline causing a storm on social gaming networks.

With all this anticipation in the air, Dean Howard from would like to know who else is bored of first person shooters.

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EdnaJones971554d ago

I love FPS games, but do admit that most campaign story modes like COD Ghosts have been very forgettable.

Retroman1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

hell yeah in my personal opinion . can't see myself playing COD clones another 7 years / first 7 years was enough. Battlefield, COD,Halo ,Destiny God know whatever else open world military type game out these days.
hardly turn on my ps3 now days unless watching movies on Netflix occasional play GT6 or Ratchet & Clank all4one,full frontal assult ,Crack in time,Quest for booty,Tools of Destruction , Need for speed Hotpursuit2 or Underground, few Hack an slash,run an gun old school games.
maybe use ps3 for internet surfing now.

@ frankskint
agree 100% dont worry about being blasted , stand up speak your mind . im sure there are 100's feel the same but afraid to. i feel gaming will crash again, community over saturated with military type games.

disagrees mean nothing to me all it's saying they dont agree "it is what it is " in life.

Frankskint1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Recent first person shooters are so boring, I know I will most probably get blasted for saying this but Destiny reminds of yet another Halo, COD and Battlefield. Even the recent Beta testing leaves me un-inspired. I was hoping for something different but its more of the same old same old all over again.

henrythomas2841554d ago

What are you talking about! How can you say Destiny is boring? This is the most epic game I have played so far. I am enjoying the Beta and wish they extend it further. If you don't like it then go play something else, no one is forcing you.

patelsanjeed1554d ago

You sound like such a fanboy. Honestly its gamers like you that keep these developers like EA churning out the same old drab year in year out. Call of Duty Ghost campaign story mode was so lame and unrealistic that if it wasn't so quick I would have most likely stopped playing and gone unto the online multiplayer, which was really the main reason I bought the game in the first place.

I agree, with frankskint and the author of the article. Most recent shooters have lost my interest with tiresome storylines. Maybe Destiny might be different but based on past similar games, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Omegasyde1554d ago

I don't care for FPS as much now a days, unless it has a "hook".

With Destiny its the Co-op that is the hook.

Farcry 4's hook will the same as 3, with exploration and a competant open ended story.

Septic1554d ago

"If you don't like it then go play something else"

How do you know that he's not already doing that?

Your opinion doesn't = fact.

Get a grip

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GordonKnight1554d ago

Sounds like you need a Wii U. That is if you don't already have one.

The Destiny Beta is amazing!!!

Baka-akaB1554d ago

Nope , but then again i dont go around playing every fps of the market and the same trite franchise over and over to complain afterward

Vantage1554d ago

I live my life in first person. So the answer is, No.

Heisenburger1554d ago

Heisenburger lives his life in third.


I agree with one of the posters above, in that I'm not sick of shooters because I don't find myself playing nothing but shooters. I have plenty of variety in my palette. For example: I am eagerly anticipating Destiny. Currently I'm bouncing between Sly Cooper Thieves In Time, Metal Gear Rising, just bought and started Guacamelee(which is great btw), and I play BF4 with my friend.

The market might be over saturated with shooters, it's up to you to make sure that your game library isn't.

chrissx1554d ago

I am honestly but I really enjoyed wolfenstein..that game was like a breath of fresh fps air

alvinmiller921554d ago

totally agree, Wolfenstein was a lot of fun. Can't wait for COD Advanced warfare. Some of my friends do say FPS games are boring, but I disagree.

Septic1554d ago

Wolfenstein bored me to death. I don't get the appeal but everyone tells me I'm crazy for hating on it.

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