Xbox Exclusive Forza Horizon 2 Gets ESRB Rating; Reveals Bikinis, Dialogue and Gameplay Modes

It's still over two months away from the release of Forza Horizon 2, which will hit the shelves exclusively for Xbox One on September 30th, but apparently Microsoft has the game close enough to completion to get it rated by the ESRB. Of course it got a E for Everyone and the rating blurb reveals some interesting details.

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Aldous_Snow1647d ago

Damn!! I'm more shocked that this contains no details on TLOU or Destiny

Abriael1647d ago

I'm more shocked at how many completely off topic comments you can produce.

Aldous_Snow1647d ago

Off topic? As in irrelevant? Like 99% of your articles then.

Abriael1647d ago

You sure have a constructive way to waste those two bubbles mate :D

MegaRay1647d ago

Havent you been here last week? there was over 9000 TLoU article...

francknara61647d ago

It is not an Xbox One exclusive, it is also coming to my Xbox 360.

Please stop with all the misinformation.

Gamer7771647d ago

The 2 versions of the game are not the same and have different dev teams.

Utalkin2me1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

What does that have to do with it not being exclusive to Xbox1?

Dread1647d ago

O god give it a rest already.

Utalkin2me1647d ago

Well as much as people hate, he is right. Unless someone can prove otherwise.

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Skate-AK1647d ago

Man, that is a nice lambo.

Off Topic- It looks like Truefan made his way over to the Dualshockers comment section. Did he get banned here?

MysticStrummer1647d ago

He makes appearances on several sites, I've noticed. Such an asset to the community.

Elit3Nick1647d ago

and his polar opposite seems to be there too, some guy name Porcu Peth, he actually had the nerve to say "what's the point of open world if you can't do anything other than accelarate and brake. ZZZ" Fanboys these days has no braincells left to make a good argument

Abriael1647d ago

He sure is on the way to get banned on DualShockers, if he keeps trolling. As a matter of fact quite a few people are.

Your_avg_gam3r1647d ago

Can't wait to see these bikini girls

urwifeminder1647d ago

Day one for me regardless of the hate train.

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