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Frugal Gaming - Gaming headsets are now big business and there are a massive range of products available on the market to reflect this. Most budgets are now catered for, but in the past, cheap gaming headsets meant nasty gaming headsets. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

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karlosmorale1549d ago

These actually look pretty good for the price. Might pick these up as a second pair - even if it's just to find out what it feels like to have my ears slightly wobbled during gameplay!

DFogz1548d ago

I've got a Sony Pulse headset that has the vibration feature, and it's great! If those ever crap out on me I'd consider picking up a pair of these.

Think of it like having tiny subwoofers next to your head. Its fantastic for things like shooters (lots of gunfire & explosions) and especially for music
It's a subtle effect, but one that once you experience it, you won't want to play any other way.

FrugalDaz1549d ago

I'm going to test them out to see if they are good enough to use for podcast recording. Currently use Turtle Beach PX21's and it's always handy to have a backup pair

PridedLlama1548d ago

I just spat my drink out reading this...... podcast recording?!? If we, your masses of fans knew you were waiting for a new pair of cans to start recording again we could have had a whip around!

UglyGeezer1549d ago

Looks like my PX21's are giving up the ghost, I might try them as well

Muzikguy1549d ago

Vibrating headsets?! I have to pass, sounds like a headache to me. I tend to get them a lot. I frequent N4G a lot. Uh oh..... O_O