First Call Of Duty 5 Images And Details, Xbox 360 Is The Lead Version

Maximumfear Write

"Call of Duty: World at War will utilise the Call of Duty 4 engine but the developer has also added various enhancments, such as the ability the burn down buildings and foliage. The game takes place primarily in the pacific, with the US forces fighting Imperial Japan. Frank Kearsy, military advisor and Gulf War Veteran, has made sure that the way the Japanse fight is both tenacious and shocking.

You'll also be fighting as the Russians, who are invading Germany. With the Nazi forces on the back foot they will start fighting even more ferociously in an attempt to defend their strongholds such as in Berlin. There is also a new party system that will allow the leader to issue commands to his troops in single player.

Mutliplayer perks are also back, including some of the favorites from Call of Duty 4, but there will also be new ones that better suit the time period. The game also features new weapons for the series, such as the flamethrower, which according to OXM, can melt the skin off of your enemies and set ablaze grass and wooden buildings. You are also able to shoot throw materials depending on the strength of the material."


The Article States The Following

"And this time they have specific teams working on all the different versions, with the Xbox 360 version acting as the lead."

Sorry For Any Confusion

Edit: This Game Is Also Being Released For Wii, DS, PS2, and PC

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pwnsause5223d ago

ROFL, this is full of fail, if infinity ward was making this game, they would make sure that all versions were made from the ground up

Hydrolex5223d ago

officialy FAILED !

It's funny that they moved forward with COD4 and now they are going back again and make themselves stupid and no one buy their games ahahaha

Mother efing noob developers even don't have the knowledge to work on the PS3ripple

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl5223d ago

Look at the monkeys! Do something silly like throw poop at each other! :D
Do me a favor and read the article. Try not to get too excited about the game as you read. Retards.

TheMART5223d ago

How nice you already know this game will be crap while you haven't played it.

How clean are your crystal balls?

pwnsause5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

they're pretty clean mart. they're soo clean, it burns your eyes.

Pain5223d ago

Talk about Holding back greatness.

If its made On or with Xbox in mind when it will be a Multi plat game, Xbox is the wight that Holds it down.

Fact Xbox tech = Inferior Tech compared to PS3 and Any New Made in 08 PC.

Making a game with that Crap 'Xbox 2" in Mind in 2008 is like Running a Marathon with no legs.

xboxftw5223d ago

They know Mart since they have Ps3 what can they expect on that POS console. Next u'll hear them say ohh we dont need another fps we have haze, kz2, 8 days, Getaway3, afrika, blah blah blah..Most of these have been dropped off, one hasn't been released for last 5 years, one game will only be launched in japan, the released one flopped like lair. Just see them spinning $hit and try to make it look like Sony baked a cake for them.

sunnygrg5223d ago

Just another reason to avoid COD5. IW wouldnt discriminate like this at all.

Montrealien5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

Activision : We want Infinity Ward, and the Call of Duty Franchise.

Infinity Ward: No problem, as long as we always do the even numbers of the franchise and there respective additional content and expansions. We will work as consultants on the Odd numbers in the franchise while we work on the even one.

Activision : Sweet, sounds like a deal.

Infinity Ward: We agree, this is OUR Idea and we hope the Call of Duty franchise keeps on the same quality as we always intended it to be, we will always help out the Odd number of the franchise and they will have access to all our resources and game engines.

What I want a lot of you to understand is that Infinity Ward have always wanted the CoD franchise to go back and forth like this, they have more time to work on their true sequels and new engines while the odd numbers of the franchise get done by other studios with their FULL support. This has been known since Activision bought them and will be fine. CoD 5 should be a good shooter with the FULL approval and Support of the guys that started it all.

kornbeaner5223d ago

I like your post, it was entertaining, but what you fail to realize is Treyarch does not get any support from the IW team except for some of their tools. Thats it, IW and Treyarch relationship is a pretty bitter one. Don't believe me, listen to the rap song in the CoD4 credits and it will let you know how they feel about Treyarch's version of CoD.

The Reason why the game goes back and forth between devs is money, Activision knows what it has as far as a seller, cause this will sell at least a Million units, there fore they dont have to wait 2 year for IW to give them another seller outside of Guitar hero.

Montrealien5223d ago

All I was tying to say in my entertaining read was that IW did not want to be pumping out sequel after sequel. They got what they wanted and Activision is letting them do as they wish.

Maybe I put a little to much on the helping part but I still stand by my main point. Having a 2 studios work a few years on each respective sequels with IW behind the main tech of the games is a good thing and this "now officially CoD5 : World at War" might be good.

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Will-UK5223d ago

i wanted modern warfare 2

Jamie Foxx5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

back to ww2=fail
no infinity ward=fail
treyarchs last cod3=fail
infinity ward had 2 seperate teams on cod4 for ps3/360,360 lead version so ps3 version will be a crappy 360 port=fail

Will-UK5223d ago

I hate World War 1 And 2 games now i used to like them but now i find them all the same

SubZero5223d ago

Me too. I'm really amazed that they went back to WWII again thought those were rumors... guess not. I'll prob be skipping this one I really can't stomach another WWII game COD or any other franchise :(

zafeiriou5223d ago

Why go back to WWII? Because the Pacific theater presents an opportunity to bring a fresh new campaign to gamers. You say WWII FPS are overdone? Look at all the modern warfare style FPS out there. There are far more of them than there are WWII games. COD4 just put a fresh twist on it and happened to be a decent game. If COD5 were to be anoter modern warfare game there would be a lot of excitement at first but then people would realise it is the exact same thing as COD4.

Salvadore5223d ago

Interesting rumour I picked in my Game Reactor issue:

COD4 was a gamble for Activision/Infinity, but with the tremendous success of the game, Activision has done the following; Treyarch focuses on WW2 while Infinity continues doing what they are best at.

Tomdc5223d ago

I reckon COD5 will be better.

COD4 multiplayer was to glitchy to be enjoyable...

5223d ago
chaosatom3335223d ago

Lots of people are going to buy it by just looking at the word COD.

MicroDeath SoftStar5223d ago

i really dont know what to think , i wouldn't be surprised if everyone here ends up eating there words and buying this game. Its not like any of you have actually played this game and most of you dont understand that its budget and time and not some magical dev team from never never land that makes a game good .

otherZinc5223d ago

Is it going to be co-op?

Lifendz5223d ago

not when COD4 is still so good. Killzone, the door is wide open for you.

RobotIsTheFuture5223d ago

World War II= Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Modern War= Call of Duty

alster235223d ago

the mere fact that its ww2 makes this game a fail. im totally fine with them making a 360 lead, since trearch isnt a revered developer i dont care

Pnuts5223d ago

People are annoyed that its going back to WW2 because COD3 was sh*t. COD3 wasnt a true next generation game. It still used a a last generation infomation technology. The single player for COD4 wouldnt of been very good if the graphics were bad. The look of COD5 will look awsome if there using the same graphics engine. Also, COD4 was addictive due to the ranking. The online was glitchy and everyone kept closing lobbies making it frustrating at times. Also, the extras like red dot dights made it easy to shoot. Now since the guns will only have iron sights, it will seperate the men from the boys.

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wetowel5223d ago

Treyarch.... uh oh. COD5 is fail. Really bad move IMO COD5 by infinity ward would have been insane.

kosha5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

Come on your already calling it a fail before youve even played it. At least give it a chance. Ok everyone wanted it to stay in modern times but from these details it doesnt sound too bad and they are using the cod 4 engine. Im still gonna buy it because i just love call of duty

Nevers5223d ago

BUT that's only cuz I didn't mind CoD3 as much as loads of other people... tho I wish they were sticking to the modern format. This will proly sell well regardless of what all of us techno-junkies say/think cuz it'll ride the coat-tails of CoD4 to sell lots.

RememberThe3575223d ago

We already gave treyarch a chance and they blew it. COD 3 was balls. They have to prove to us that this game is going to be good.

BWS19825223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

I think we as gamers have a tendency to rate and review a game at just the mere thought of it, long before any work is done on it, just because that's an empowering sensation. To say Yay or nay on the idea of a game, or rumor of a game, makes people feel they know games so well. There are way too many flops and pleasant surprises in this industry (and the movie industry) for us to be so psychic in nature...a screen shot or a news bulletin really means jack in terms of the end product. Wait it out, and even after the reviews, still be your own judge, don't be told what to think.

And to "they've failed us once they have to prove they're worthy", I say it doesn't appear that people are giving them the chance to do that.

kosha5222d ago

Theres alot of people out there who read a review and if its bad they just call it crap straight away without actually playing it themselves. I have a few mates who enjoyed haze. Its all personal preference

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thematrix12985223d ago

"xbox 360 to lead the development" into EPIC FAIL!!!

qwert5223d ago

Hey man don't talk that way...It will be an EPIC...PIECE OF SH!T at least on my xbox360 version, because I eard that the PS3 version will be spectacular... PS3 fans owned!
this game will rock in my crap xbox360, nice pile of sh!t!...Me and my friends xbots will love this crap a lot...WE WANT CRAP!

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl5223d ago

Read my posts in the gamer zone.

TheExecutive5223d ago

i will wait for infinity wards COD6.

DR-IVO5223d ago

Don't worry as soon COD5 is released COD6 will be announced.

e-ray5223d ago


I mean... World War 2? Really?

supahbad5223d ago

i guess i'm the minority here but i dont mind WW2, it just doesnt feel played out yet. but i still wont buy COD5 unless the Treyarch HQ explodes and IW takes over, or if it actually turns out good.