Clint Dempsey wears Xbox on his shirt — but not on FIFA 15's PlayStation cover

U.S. soccer hero Clint Dempsey has been named the cover star for North American versions of FIFA 15, requiring a different packshot for the PlayStation editions of the game. You see, Dempsey's professional club, the Seattle Sounders, is sponsored by Xbox.

In an email to media announcing the selection (coming last night during Seattle's friendly vs. Tottenham), EA Sports provided only the Xbox One box cover (though both covers are provided on a corporate website). On PS4 and PS3, Dempsey will wear the rocket-pop style kit the U.S. men's national team wore at the recently concluded World Cup.

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Derekvinyard131921d ago

Ok makes sense....what's the point of this "news" anyway?. Read the article it's just saying he's wearing a different shirt, other then that this article is about soccer

3-4-51921d ago

For those that don't follow the MLS, Seattle Sounders are sponsored by Xbox, and thus their colors and jersey are basically an xbox advertisement.

OBVIOUSLY Sony would change the kit and using the USA jersey was the correct choice.

The game is the same either way.

AliTheSnake11920d ago

This is news on the American cover of the new football game.

Gekko361920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Agreed, total waste of time this story, don't know how it got past the mods.

BTW it's "football", not "soccer". I know American's call "American Football", football however we call "American Football" "Homosexual Rugby" because it's a tarts game.

GameSpawn1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I understand the naming issue, but I'd still respect both sports.

Honestly, American football has become insanely competitive, especially college football (even more so in the south-east US).

On another note, how would you like a 300-400 refrigerator to come running at you full speed? Yeah...

On topic: This story (and Polygon) are a waste of time. No duh they are going to change the jersey - it's a conflict of interest.

Gekko361920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Sorry mate, I play Rugby, so I've done that, mind you I'm the 6ft 5 angry looking bugger heading your way.

I suppose if you took away the padding like in Rugby I'd respect it.. but as a Rugby player American Football is still played by puffs... Kidding!

Don't care about the jersey to be honest though

SilentNegotiator1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Why do people cry so hard about America having a different name for some sports, especially people from the UK? All countries/regions have different names for a lot of different things.

JBSleek1921d ago

Exclusive covers now lol.

TheGrimReaper00111920d ago

My game cover is in higher res than your game cover! XD

fluffydelusions1921d ago

Cannot unsee Dempeys junk on PS4 cover

Steven36571921d ago

Being associated with Xbox makes your dick shrink.

FamilyGuy1921d ago

I thought soccer players wore athletic cups?
You must've been staring awfully hard...

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The story is too old to be commented.