What if every PC game could run on your tablet?

It is becoming more and more possible to play great games on mobile platforms thanks to NVidia and their Tegra line and better GPU silicon.

Due to PC and it's flexibility it is the only platform that can take advantage of this shift from desktop to mobile.

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Starbucks_Fan1550d ago

It will be interesting to see how powerful tablets become in the next 5 years.

WildArmed1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

That's true, I think the limiting factor of growth in technology is the cost effectiveness/profit margins, not the technology. Some of the tech isn't cost effective enough to be put into tablets.

But similar to the reason why handhelds like NVIDIA Shield / 3DS / PS Vita haven't replaced home consoles, I don't think there would be a large shift to tablet gaming from PC gaming if you could do the same things.

Lack of resolution, multiple screens, luxury of space, etc. will always place tablets as an portable alternative.

I mean that's assuming you have an kb/m or controller with you for tablet gaming.

Chrono1550d ago

Through streaming that's already possible. The better question is, do you actually want to play games designed for PC on a tablet?

Roccetarius1550d ago

The answer is a pretty clear no to that, at least for me. Plus, i prefer playing games locally instead of depending on a server.

Moncole1550d ago

With a windows 8 tablet you can plug in a mouse, keyboard and controller.

Capt-FuzzyPants1550d ago

If its Civilization V, then yes. Yes I really do want to play that on a tablet. Revolution is ok, but I want the added depth.

uth111550d ago

And things like Dosbox are available to play older games.

But tablet is a horrible place to play games that weren't designed for a tablet.

FlyingFoxy1550d ago

They'll only play older games that can run fast enough, newer games the last few years will be a no go.. too slow etc.. bad controls.

Mostly a waste of time.

Psychotica1550d ago

This past Friday I bought a new laptop with touchscreen so I could play PC games in my house away from my main gaming PC. With Steams In-Home Streaming it works great, games play nice and smooth and it doesn't require a gaming laptop to do it.

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