Top 5 Biggest Problems with the Destiny Beta

"The Destiny Beta version is finally here, and I have gotten the chance to play. So far, I am very encouraged with the game. The world of the game looks amazing." |

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3-4-51554d ago

I don't want to spoil it for myself.

I already know I'm going to like it. I'm not sure how much but I'd rather find out with the Final polished version.

Matt6661554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I would of put the throwing knife killing in one hit on that list if that was my list

Matt6661554d ago

oh look as usual fanboys disagreeing without giving a valid reason typical.

KnightRobby1554d ago

I'm absolutely loving the game!

My biggest complaint is Earth. It needs NPC's. It would be cool to see some displaced refugees selling some gear and unique characters out there in the wild, much like we saw in Borderlands. Beacons giving you missions is a bit surprising. I would think, of course, NPC's will make it in the final game.

And why free roam is a separate mode from everything else is a big mistake. I'd love to go to mission to mission (story) without exiting to The Tower or a load screen.

Loving the game though. It's addicting!

objdadon1554d ago

My only problem is that I only have 1 more week to play it! Lol!

mayberry1554d ago

Hopefully the a.i. gets some improvement. But great beta nonetheless.

nope1111554d ago

Yes. They need to be dumber. Damn captains taking cover and shit.

jk jk. The A.I. is fine.

Godmars2901554d ago

Kind of lame to list the number one issue with the game as a problem with servers. Given that one of the goals with a beta test - when they were actual and legitimate test - was to...test? Try to figure what server traffic would be like for the full game in order to manage it better. Also to world out early bugs.

Nevermind that its more about advertising now. Rather pointless advertising.

Sp1tfireXM1554d ago

this article feels like a massive troll attempt. I've played about 20 hours of the beta and only been disconnected twice.

we4201554d ago

Maybe some people are just lucky... I've been disconnect about 10 times while on missions

PinkEye1554d ago

I just started beta (I was also an Alpha tester before) and it feels very reptitive. Feels like borderlands, which would be cool if I wasn't tired of fps games.

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The story is too old to be commented.