5 reasons why PC gaming is better than Console Gaming

An opinion piece on the reasons why PC gaming is a better platform than console gaming.

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Future_20151913d ago

I have a 4K gaming setup and play games at 4K and it is amazing, I do own a PS4 as well for the sports games like Fifa and nba 2K but multi plats and pc exclusives get played on pc for me.

JBSleek1913d ago

Nice, I only have 1440p at the moment but looking to get a 4K monitor when the GTX 880 come out.

Ezz20131913d ago

all the reasons in that article are just opinions and gaming preference
the Editor like Gaming on pc more than consoles it's his right to feel that way
but not all would agree

i have a gaming pc as well and huge backlog of games on it i have yet to finish
but most of my time i game on consoles
and most if not all of the best games ever for me are from consoles

that's me though

Ravenheartzero1913d ago


Agreed, been gaming on console's for 20 years and pc for 10 years, most of my time is on consoles. My favourite genre is JRPG and let's be honest the pc is not the platform of choice if you enjoy this genre.
I multiplatform more on my pc now but still looking forward to persona 5, Tales of zestiria and KH2 final mix On my ps3.

Used to game On all platforms but with bills to pay now I'm older just gonna be ps3, ps4 and pc this gen, been with PlayStation since the beginning and tbh it's the platform that's given me the best gaming experiences.

AliTheSnake11913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

SIX reasons why consoles are better than PC gaming:
1.Game optimization.
2.Plug and play.
3. Exclusives.
4.More friends play consoles.
5.couch co-op.
6. Comfortable Laid back sitting with a controller. All my pc gamers friends have bad posture.

PS: you can't play shooters on PC with a controller, Huge disadvantage, specially that there's no aim assist.

Moncole1913d ago


1. PC also has game optimization and with this Gen PC ports would be easier to make

2. Consoles are not like that anymore, you need to update your system and games before you can play some games.

3. Each system has its own exclusives

4. It depends who you're friends with. If you're friends with adults than they will game on PC but if you're friends with kids than they would be on consoles.

5. Less and less games are offering that and there are tons of PC games,with couch co-op

6. You can plug a PC into a TV and sit on the couch any way you want while using a controller.

Darkstares1913d ago

1. Software prices - PC
2. Hardware prices - consoles
3. Online multiplayer fees - free on PC
3. Library selection - PC
4. Exclusives - Both
5. Ease of use - consoles
6. More open with more options - PC
7. Marketing - consoles
8. Power and performance - PC (scaleable)
9. Co-op and local multiplayer - consoles
10. Future proof - PC (scalaeable)

badz1491913d ago

meanwhile at QuakeCon 2014,

"XBL booo..."

ShinMaster1913d ago

Wow, the PC supremacists have been on a role lately.
Could they be any more insecure?

- You seem to assume that people should care more about technical graphics than the games themselves. I'm sorry, but you cannot make experiences worth coming back to with just graphics. Gameplay, story and art direction take priority. At least for me.

- Mods don't make games great. A good game is a good game no matter what. Garry's Mod is great. But Half Life 2 is not great because of Garry's Mod. Far Cry 2 had a far more expansive creation kit and didn't have nearly the success. Why? Because Far Cry 2 wasn't as good as Half Life 2. It’s like saying Star Wars is the greatest series ever because George Lucas keeps putting out new and "improved" editions.

- Mouse and keyboard are better for strategy games and FPS only. WASD is so outdated.

- That's assuming that I got rid of my previous console/s in the first place. Also, recent versions of Windows have had compatibility issues playing older games.

In the end, console exclusives from first and third party studios, along with friends who are playing on the same platforms you are and they overall feel of a more unique experience than a regular computer, counts more for me.

GeraltofRivia1913d ago

Me too! I am gaming at 1600p with 2 GTX 680s currently. I still think it will take 2 gtx 780s or two 880 to game at high settings at 4k.

Darkstares1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


You do realize Steam has far more online players than the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, and XBox One right?

Lots of games now are supported by a game controller but many still prefer k/m because it's more accurate. Why do you think some developers don't like cross-platform play? It's because they know console gamers are at a disadvantage. You can still play with a controller on the PC for most new games. Options are GOOD.

Mods add replayability to existing games. Some are great, some not so great. The fact is you don't have to use them, they are a BONUS.

PC games can have a technical advantage AND also have great art, gameplay and art. You seem to be under the assumption game developer talent only exists on consoles.

"Could they be any more insecure?"

Odd considering here you are trying to defend consoles. The fact is the PC offers far more flexibility and isn't behind a walled garden. What consoles do have is marketing.

styferion1912d ago

nah man better wait for next generation, 880 still packing 28nm node. better wait 20nm or possibly 16nm next year.

ShinMaster1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

@ Darkstares

When did I say I cared how many players there are online on PC or any platform?

You missed my point about mods.

Yes, PC fans are insecure. You don't see me going into PC articles the same way PC elites jump into console articles, especially those that talk about graphics.

If a console game isn't [email protected], console gaming gets bashed.
And if a console game IS [email protected] (see recent Uncharted 4 article), PC gamers don't even allow console gamers to be excited about the game because "it's nothing new and should have been that way years ago". As if playing old games in [email protected] made them any more next-gen.

Darkstares1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

ShinMaster wrote,

"When did I say I cared how many players there are online on PC or any platform?"

You mentioned friends and a unique experience. Have you even played online on the PC? It offers the same thing, and for free.

"You missed my point about mods."

No I didn't. Your argument is they add nothing when they do. You missed the point entirely because they are added bonuses and the mod community can come up with very good ideas. They can even come up with new layouts and maps. The mod community is also able to upgrade games, and for FREE. Ever play the high res Skyrim?

"Yes, PC fans are insecure. You don't see me going into PC articles the same way PC elites jump into console articles, especially those that talk about graphics."

If they are insecure what does that make console gamers who seem to make up the most heated discussions about why my console is better than your console? Do they not also get all giddy about graphics, frame rates? Do they also not act immature when it comes to exclusives? Besides, is this not an article about the PC? If so why are you here?

"If a console game isn't [email protected], console gaming gets bashed.
And if a console game IS [email protected] (see recent Uncharted 4 article), PC gamers don't even allow console gamers to be excited about the game because "it's nothing new and should have been that way years ago". As if playing old games in [email protected] made them any more next-gen."

Not as much as the bashing that's been going on because the XB1 doesn't have as good of a frame rate or resolution. In fact PC gamers put console fanboys in check because so very often they act all superior. How many times do we see Uncharted being mentioned and how it is only possible on the PS3 or PS4? That is insecurity because they have to try and rub it in and argue. So why is that any different when PC gamers come in and say if it was on the PC it would do 1080p and 60fps no problem? Console gamers suffer from a superiority complex and that is why they HATE when PC gamers come in.

Like any hobby people will invest in what they can afford and PC gaming can take the hobby to the extremes. Why are console fans insecure about them? We all share the same hobby yet console gamers want to exclude themselves from the PC master race so they can argue all day about how their console is so much better than the other console.

ShinMaster1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

@ Darkstares

Yes and that has nothing to do with the number of players(strangers) online. I was talking about friends.
When most of your friends are playing on a certain platform, that and the games themselves are what ultimately push its value further than other platforms.
If someone buys an Xbox One because all their friends are on it, then I totally respect that.
And by unique experience I meant it's not the same old Windows experience that I've used for 20 years. Each console is a unique experience.

PC fans seem to care more about console graphics than console gamers sometimes.
Don't get me wrong. Console gamers DO care about graphics, but only to a certain extent.
Gameplay, story and art style usually take priority (depending on the game and not necessarily in that order).
The only time technical graphics take priority over everything else is during a console war or if you're a PC supremacists with nothing better to do. Yes, fanboys can be dumb.

""That is insecurity because they have to try and rub it in and argue""
This is exactly what PC fanboys do all the time.

""How many times do we see Uncharted being mentioned and how it is only possible on the PS3""
Probably twice like 4 years ago because it's obviously exclusive and not nearly as many times as I've heard PC fans say that about games with a higher number of online players(ex: BF3) or how every single game would look better on PC or how a 6 year old game looked better than a new game running at anything lower than [email protected]

""So why is that any different when PC gamers come in...""
Because comparing consoles to PC is incredibly redundant. And you wanna call us insecure? Let's not be hypocrites.
It's called a CONSOLE war for a reason and has been around since the SNES vs Genesis days. YES PCs have always been more powerful. EVERYONE knows that. You think this is news to us? I've been playing games for 25 years and you think I'm gonna start caring about that now? It's a choice.
""Not as much as the bashing that's been going on because the XB1 doesn't have as good of a frame rate or resolution.""
You're gonna lie to my face and tell me that PC elites don't attack any and all consoles, regardless of power? Xbox and PlayStation games have always been scrutinized. Don't act like you're coming to the rescue of the weaker consoles when PC fans bash those as well.

""In fact PC gamers put console fanboys in check...""
...PC gamers suffer from a superiority complex and that is why they HATE when console gamers are excited about a console game that looks really good.

So what you're basically saying is: "Hey you guys are not allowed to get excited about a good looking game or eve argue about frame-rate and resolution, that's our job to be d*cks". Got ya.

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RIP_Cell1913d ago

nice! I expect to move into 4k gaming in the next couple of years


5 reasons pc isn't better than consoles

1.) preference
2.) preference
3.) preference
4.) preference
5.) gaming preference

assdan1913d ago

Same. I got my ps4 because I love sony exclusives, and I do get 3rd parties on console from time to time. I love my PC, and I love my ps4. Is my pc capable of better graphics with my 4k monitor? Yes of course, but I also had to get a $1500 set up to be able to do this. I paid $400 for my ps4. Both solutions are equally viable in my opinion.

1913d ago Replies(5)
BattleN1913d ago

PC gives me too many issues so I'm done with it!

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SpiralTear1913d ago

This article literally looks like it was made in a high-school desktop publishing class, and after reading it, I can say that it sounds like it did too.

If you're gonna tackle a subject that constantly gets people riled up, put some effort into it. One sentence per reason does not a good article make.

Palitera1913d ago

But N4G granted him 200 degrees, so he got what he wanted.

I decided for a different approach on ads blocking. I unblocked every site on adblocker and am slowly adding sites to the blacklist. Don't even need to say that this site is there, with cinemablend, forbes, examiner...

Small consequence? Yes, very small, but that's what I can do as a comeback. For now.

guitarded771913d ago

Well played. I rate down sites for quality if they have pop-ups. It's shameful. If their site is worth visiting, then it's either getting real advertising money, or it's a passion project and not about 5 cents for every 1,000 hits.

On topic: People who ONLY choose to game on one platform aren't really gamers in my mind. PC could never fully satisfy my gaming wants and needs. I understand people who are financially strapped to one platform, but if you can afford a decent computer, you can afford other things. Many PC gamers I know just play a particular game for a LONG period of time... like an MMO, or an RPG. It can be a 6 month or a year or longer thing... just waiting for their next fix.

Majin-vegeta1913d ago

NO UC,TLOU,GOW3,Ressitance so yea no...

JBSleek1913d ago

Do people actually use this as an argument? You know PC has exclusives as well right? Also has a bigger and better library than any current generation console.

The argument can be said for any platform they all have exclusives.

NihonjinChick1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I never understand all of this bickering.

PC may have exclusives too, but it doesn't have the exclusives that he prefers. He gave a list of specific properties that are only found on his platform of choice.
I assume these games are why he chose the platform of his choice.

That's the problem with articles like these. People can't seem to grasp that other people aren't always going to enjoy the same things that they do.

JBSleek1913d ago

"NO UC,TLOU,GOW3,Ressitance so yea no..."

PS3 emulation on PC is here:


NihonjinChick1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Okay, but you are forgetting that these franchises are continuing on the PS4. As of now, there aren't any decent PS4 emulators so he has to get a PS4 to play the next Uncharted, a God of War sequel, or any sequel to any of the other PlayStation exclusive games he likes.


Majin-vegeta1913d ago

"NO UC,TLOU,GOW3,Ressitance so yea no..."

PS3 emulation on PC is here:


Lol all I saw were little cheap games running nothing of the kind of games I said.Nice try though.

Master-H1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )


Emulating ps3 games while the system and the games are still available for sale is piracy, and you wonder why devs skip/delay their games on PC..

Plus that emulator doesn't even work properly, at least not yet, and you can't use psn with it meaning you lost the online features/modes and split screen/local play, and possibly the access to DLC/game patches.

All in all emulating a console on PC will never feel as normal/natural as playing that console, plus it isn't even legal, if everybody emulated their games on PC instead of buying them legitimately who's gonna support the devs ?

skoorydook1913d ago

Yes people will use that as an argument and it doesn't matter if you like it or not it is a valid argument.

If a gamers favourite games are on a specific platform and that is what is most important to them then of course that will be the reason they give and why shouldn't they, especially when some pc elitist is trying to rub their faces in specifics that make a pc better.

well guess what, what he said holds merit

Outside_ofthe_Box1913d ago

Checkmate because of emulation? This is why I consider PC gamers scum.

I remember when the Wii U was announced PC gamers where cheering because it was "weak" meaning easy emulation so it meant dolphin-U coming to a PC near you! lol

What a bunch of pirating pricks.

make721913d ago

Only good pc Exlusive 2014 is Spin Tyres,its indie game but still very good game.Rest of the games I play mostly with consoles.

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RIP_Cell1913d ago

why is it on an articles like this you never hear Nintendo fans say PC can't play Mario or Zelda, or Xbox fans say PC can't play Halo or Gears, it's always from the Sony crowd?

KONAAs1913d ago

funny how u say the horrible pc is better besides the graphic wich i dont notice a difference between my gtx 780 ti classified and my ps4 i prefer my ps4 speciallt the stupid keyboard and mouse, FUNNY how valve is trying to use contolers with their big screen set up

MysticStrummer1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Why is it on articles like this you always see people making inaccurate sweeping statements?

OT - No platform is "better". They all have their pluses and minuses, and different people like different things. For me, PC gaming is a non-factor.

ocelot071913d ago

O well I can sort of answer the Xbox questions. Halo 1,2 have both been on PC. Gears of War 1 was also on PC with exclusive content.

In my opinion even though I have a PC and enjoy PC gaming. I simply prefer consoles because A, You put the game in and they work. Sadly I can't say this about PC from time to time. B, I think console exclusive are just so much better than PC exclusives.

Last Of Us,Uncharted, Forza, Gran Turismo, Zelda,Mario Kart, Pokemon, God Of War ect as in my opinion so much better than what PC games offer me.

All I seem to find on PC these days are early access survival multiplayer titles.

Don't get me wrong I like games like DayZ and H1Z1 but I much rather have titles like I mentioned above for consoles.

Also can you please tell me when a console exclusive title is discussed the PC crowed have to come in and go on about 4K ect. I remember when GTA 5 came out. While all us console people was enjoying GTA 5 the PC crowd where making gifs about how we are just beta testing it for the PC players. It was some beta test it was fun I actually even got to complete the game a whole year+ before PC gamers.

Another reason why I prefer console gaming is. Poor ass PC ports. Watch_dogs being 1 remember that? Assassin's Creed 3, Dark Souls, GTA 4, COD Ghosts ect. If am going to spend £600-£800 on a PC I expect decent ports or games built from the ground up for PC. But no developers see PC gamers as rotten ass thieves so simply give them crap ports.

Moncole1913d ago

Because they are too busy enjoying their games so they don't have time to go on the internet to say they have the best games.

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tee_bag2421913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Hmmm... that's a sorry looking arguement right there.
"But but... Naughty dogs lol"

ScottyHoss1913d ago

B..but.. GOTY :) don't see you playing TLOU on PC. Why can't we agree that the industry needs both?

JackBNimble1913d ago

PS3/PC here... FTW!

I'll get a PS4 sooner or latter, but as for now there is nothing on either new console that I want that I can't play on PC.

LightDiego1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Now that pathetic troll wants to talk about Naughty Dog, just lol. These fanboys with only one platform are a joke, that's why you need to beg for a port every time like Tekken 7.
You are ridiculous.
About the "article". What can we say? Just look at the uploader, this guy is a joke.

Daniel_Potter1913d ago

The Forest, Red Orchestra, Star Citizen, Natural Selection, Mount & Blade, Chivalry, ARMA

Spotie1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

And that doesn't at all invalidate a list of console exclusives. Don't know why you'd think it would. Guess your brain is wired like JB's above: wrong.

Revengeance1913d ago


LOL that's not even a fully working emulator! Not only that it's piracy! Did you actually try to use that as an argument? You only made yourself look worse XD.

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bunt-custardly1913d ago

For me, the biggest reason aside from the obvious is 3D for any game using Tridef and then there's the almighty Steam.

Godmars2901913d ago

PC negatives:
- Cost
- The need to upgrade for certain titles.
- The need to be PC literate.
- Patching broken games, sometimes to a point you're doing the devs job.

As many times as this subject has been touched upon, the expectation of PC gamers that *everyone* should be PC gamers, that everything should be on PCs and not consoles, there is just an unwillingness on the part of "the PC master race" to comprehend that not everyone wants to deal with the issues of PC gaming.

JBSleek1913d ago

PC misconceptions 101

-Cost... PC gaming is cheaper than console gaming in the long run. We don't pay for online, we pay for cheaper software, better marketplace with sales. You will make up the PC initial cost with cheaper software. I'll take a higher initial cost over.

-Need to upgrade for certain titles... You mean how console gamers have to upgrade to PS4 and Xbox One for better games?

-Need to be PC literate...Sure, but is that truly difficult. I assume if you are a PC gamer you have some sort of secondary schooling with enough common sense.

Your last point is valid. I concede.

ScottyHoss1913d ago

However the upgrade is 400 dollars for the next 8 years, now I'm not sure how expensive PC upgrading is over that time, but 400 isn't bad to me. NGL I'm building my first gaming PC this holiday season, and the only thing that's turned me off of PC is the arrogance and initial cost. Why can't we agree that it's preference? THE INDUSTRY NEEDS BOTH.

Godmars2901913d ago

You say misconceptions, I say blind spot which PC game defenders will never realize - especially when its pointed out.

1913d ago
DoctorJones1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


Your sweeping statements are untrue and misguided. I'm a 37 year old with a good job and a decent disposable income. I don't need a parent to buy my hardware, I'm a parent myself, and I can afford my own hardware well enough.

I don't need to upgrade to play the latest games that came out, the last upgrade I made was a GTX 670 which I bought in January last year for 180 odd quid, I sold the graphics card I had for 100 pounds and so it only cost me £80 in the end.

The last upgrade I had before that was the processor and the motherboard, it barely cost me anything once I had sold the parts I replaced them with.

I can play most games that come out at near to maximum settings, and in worse cases they still perform much better than on current consoles.

Pc gaming is cost effective, it's not expensive and these lies that get told by people such as yourself are laughable.

Please, try not to spread crap around, it makes you look bad.

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gamernova1913d ago

The reason why consoles do not need upgrades is because they aren't pushed as hard as the PC version because there are no settings to max out. If you compare AC or other cross titles, they look miles ahead on PC. PC could lower the requirements of any title by simply turning down the specs so then we could play a similar quality to the ps4 version but at significantly higher fps. It all depends on what you're looking for. But PC isn't necessarily known for turning down the requirements lol

I know teens that can handle PC gaming so although it does appear scary, it is really not that difficult.

The cost up front can be cheap or significant depending on what kind of quality you want. You can go for something cheap and still get something better looking than consoles but even cheap PCs tend to be more expensive than consoles but definitely not by a wide margin and trust me when I tell you, the cheap PC games more than make up for the price difference.
Some devs do suck like ubisoft but most devs are actually really good. Obviously there are different PC configurations so it's tough to maximize the potential of all of them so patches are needed.

You do have to admit that console gaming is getting close to PC gaming with the issues you mentioned. For example, there is hard drive failure on consoles and replacing a hard drive is very PC. Also, patches hit consoles all the time now. It's a way of gaming now because games are super complex. And paying that 60 dollar price tag is outrageous for games. Console gaming is anything but cheap.

Godmars2901913d ago

"You do have to admit that console gaming is getting close to PC gaming with the issues you mentioned."

Because PC devs are now the majority of game makers. From the NES era to mid PS2 JP devs dominated console gaming, worked within the limits of what they were given, then with MS and the first Xbox PC devs came in and brought their baggage with them. Demanded better hardware to work with.

Don't mean to make that last past insulting, but just can't think of any civil way to put it.

gamernova1913d ago

Godmars, I agree! The more resources devs have, the better things can be made. It's funny because now Ps4 fans know how it feels. The feel multiplats are held back by the one and they might be right.

Godmars2901913d ago

Um, no. Pretty much the exact opposite of what's going on. Games like Skyrim, GTA and COD are often bug riddled despite the amount or resources supposedly dedicated to them. Aliens: Colonial Marines was literally sold on one version and released as another of far lower quality.

Even something as highly regarded as the Last of US.

gamernova1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

God mars, so you mean to tell me that the more complex games get the most they need patching? What a shocker. Lol devs aren't perfect and I would much prefer them to make the most out of the hardware and actually support their game with fast fixes than to not even try.

It's pretty obvious that more resources lead to even more complex programming and designing but that is why patches exist.

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TXIDarkAvenger1913d ago

Better to be able to patch a broken game on PC than having a broken game on console and can't do anything about it.

The need to be PC literate? Putting together a PC is like putting lego pieces together. Its not hard. Getting games on it isn't hard either. Building a rig isn't as hard as people think it is.

Genova841913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I have to say that every time I buy a game (old or new) it takes me roughly 2 hours to get it working right.

Some games, such as Diablo 1 and Fallout 2, I couldn't fet to run right. They were all washed out. In spite of this, I've used my pc almost exclusively for the last 3 years. i figure if i spent the money on a gaming rig, i should use it. Not to say i wouldn't enjoy the console exclusives, I just haven't felt compelled to play them.

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