GTA VI: 10 Mission Types That Need To Die

What Culture: The saying goes that “nobody’s perfect”. Not one single person. No matter what you think or how fantastic they seem to be, nobody is perfect, and it’s not just people that this ethos applies to…

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Ashby_JC1644d ago

I agree with a small amount of your list. But the others I dont agree as they are what MAKE it a GTA game.

Take it out then whats left???

I just like them to try and get creative and focus on the FUN factor. I feel that gets lost at times when they create games.

Riding across the map to point B then back to A is NOT fun.

Visiblemarc1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Completely agree. To me this list is just more of the "I could do it better, but never will." style of criticism that is destroying our culture.

So sick of people saying the equivalent of "I don't like this, so therefore it is bad."

Whatever happened to "Not for me."?

bjmartynhak1644d ago

"Prompt in the map" missions need to die.

DaleCooper1644d ago

I agree with this list, though what would replace this stuff instead, I'm not too sure. But those winch missions, uuuuggggghhh.

The one thing for me that needs to die in this series (though it's not a mission type) is the Tap "A" to sprint. I'm so annoyed by that, just let me hold the button!

we4201644d ago

I personally hate escort and tailing missions in any game.