The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Ways To Blow Skyrim Out Of The Water

What Culture: Considering the four year gap between The Elder Scrolls III and IV and the five year dev-cycle for 2011′s Skyrim, we can only hope that Bethesda Game Studios is halfway done with The Elder Scrolls VI. No proper announcements have been made, but the errant logic of a progressive release pattern is all we have at this point. Zenimax has had a job listing for a bleeding edge RPG programmer at Bethesda Game Studios since January 2013, but that could mean anything.

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-Foxtrot1740d ago

Wow...a list which didn't use the silly "It needs co-op" point. I'm impressed

The loading point is something I hope they improve on in the next game. I don't understand how Bethesda can have you in this huge world, in the open fields/mountains without loading screens but when you enter a town after a brief loading screen you still need to enter a second loading screen to enter houses and such. Surley you could have it so all the places within the town/city are open to you.

You know how annoying it was to do the optional quests in the Thieves guild when you keep going in and out through 2/3 loading screens.

ravinash1739d ago

I agree totally.

With the loading thing, I think it was to do with the auto saving
When ever you saved you game, it would freeze for about 30 seconds. Half of the load when going in and out of the buildings etc was the game auto saving.

Yeah, I agree that it was strange that you could go from place to place in a large open world with no loading and little pausing in each section, but go into a small hut and you had to wait a while for it to load.

Qrphe1739d ago

As long as it isn't even more watered down than the last, which seems to be a trend with TES games unfortunately.

Vantage1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Most of these are unnecessary and draw attention away from the bigger issues in the Elder Scrolls.

A better list.

- A new complex/robust combat system.

- Make the world reflect the lore. When they say "Whiterun is the trading capitol of Skyrim" and it's actually a ghost town, I'm taken out of the experience.

- Make the towns feel populated and not barren.

- Better writing in general. Skyrim's main quest and civil war quests were worthless and felt tacked on.

- More interesting NPCs. I don't care if Skyrim had 70 voice actors. They were the 70 most boring voice actors they could find.

- Better animations

- If you have large enemies again, be more like Dragon's Dogma.

- More customization, I want to look exactly how I want. That means cloaks, capes, robes etc. All of this to be worn with your armor.

- Better AI and Stealth combat. No "I guess it was nothing". If the AI lose track of you, they hunker down and defend a spot knowing you could be sneaking around.

- Balanced crafting. You don't magically know how to make Daedric armor just because you're a certain level. Every craftable item in the game should have a recipe that you have to acquire or learn.

- Guilds that don't suck ass and have system built into them that go beyond the quests.

ravinash1739d ago

I do find it funny that what ever guild you join, no matter which one it is, within a few days they all want you to be their leader.
And when you do because their leader, you just piss off and don't talk to them again.

KAEM71739d ago

sounds good, I'd buy that!

miguelr231739d ago

the only voice actor that i liked was the one who voiced Serana for Dawnguard dlc

hopefully the next Elder Scrolls game will have a better engine capable of handling more npcs and a fully open world without those annoying loading screens...

the animations well they are ok looking at what zenimax pulled off with TES:O...those look really weird

chippychan1739d ago

Very good list you have there. I like the point you have for crafting.

It would be more fun to find recipes, or perhaps require that you have the item you want to craft and you have to dismantle it in order to learn how to make it en-masse.

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Vantage1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

And let us ride horses in first person. Whoever took it out of Skyrim should be fired.

dreamoner1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

All good points but how do you top being a dragonborn who can shout and shit and endless dragon fights around Skyrim? They used the best timeline in the lore for the 5th game, imo.

If they make a remake; real RPG out of Skyrim, with more choices, more immersive civil war, more responsive/expansive factions etc. I'd buy it(again).

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