What Games Do You Want To Play With Project Morpheus?

As Sony continues working on Project Morpheus, PlayStation's dedicated VR Headset unit, has listed 3 of their top choices of games they would like to see appear in Virtual reality and would like to know what games you want to play with Project Morpheus.

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EdnaJones971552d ago

It would be great to play the new Uncharted in VR.

randomass1711552d ago

I mostly see VR being the most effective in first person games, so Killzone and Hover would be my first choices.

BiggCMan1552d ago

Not interested in VR for the most part. But like 3D gaming, I would like to at least try it out one day. The only game I REALLY want to experience VR in is No Mans Sky. It almost seems like it was meant for it, so that would be perfect!

ABizzel11552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

No Man's Sky.....YES PLEASE

While I'm at it:

A Heavy Rain type, First Person game.

Until Dawn, and more Horror Games

The Witness, if you can move around the island and other Exploration Games

A first person Stealth Game

Racing Games and other simulators

Bushido Blade First Person

Portal 3 First Person

Mirror's Edge 2

Oh the possibilities :D

randomass1711552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

ABizzel1 just read my mind. :') +1 for Bushido Blade as well. Loved the originals.

MysticStrummer1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

No Man's Sky... Hell yeah!

Planetside 2 would be sweet.

Any FPS really, but especially ones that have good suspense and atmosphere.



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bunt-custardly1552d ago

I have to disagree with this simply because the effect of head tracking and the character camera movement would feel disjointed imo. It would be like you're looking down at the character rather than being the character. I am assuming (based on the games currently using VR) that being the character is the level of immersion developers will be striving for.

Any game that uses a first person viewpoint would be most ideal. Although I think a really good RTS/god game which lets you look around the entire battlefield would work.

Anyhow, Skyrim, Destiny and as already mentioned something like No Mans Sky would be great.

henrythomas2841552d ago

Oh man i never thought of playing FIFA 15 in Virtual Reality! Do you know how epic that would be? Even NFL 25 onwards in Project Morpheus would be pretty sweet too.

Clown_Syndr0me1552d ago

Im not interested in VR, buy if I was to use it I think something really fast and colorful would be amazing. Perhaps a new Wipeout?

telekineticmantis1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

”NFL QUARTERBACK SIMULATOR"(made up game). basically a football game where from a FP view you can play any position, utilizing the Ps move. There would be a campaign, where you grow up from teen prodigy to superstar (potentially). It would have great tests of morality, etc etc like real football players go through, and be kinda like GTA(somebody hire me).

Other than that, a space mech game in a No Man Sky ilk, and bring back Ps home, but this time make it more like Facebook/Sims MMO in a FP view. That's all for now

Frankskint1551d ago

This actually sounds like a great idea in theory, kind of like the story mode in NBA2K14.

It would be great to play NHL in project morpheus.

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