Check Out the Wide Range of Options Bungie Gives You To Create A Character in Destiny

Destiny is a game that can be taken many different ways. For FPS fans, the crucible mode will be their bread and butter. For MMO fans, the story and exploration will be their slice of pie. RPG fans have the skill tree to fill their table, however what’s the one big thing that all three of these groups likes to be able to do?

The answer is personalizing your character.

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JBSleek1738d ago

I don't think that's as robust as the article makes it out to be.

HystericalGamez1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Theres certainly more that should be added, and I think the article reflects that there should be more. It certainly isn't as crazy as some other games, but compared to most FPS's, or even other MMOFPS games like Planetside, this game has a leg up.

JBSleek1738d ago

FPS aren't known for customization just because you never even see what you look like during the game so less important. Compared to many MMO games it's lackluster. Not well versed in MMOFPS games though.

LAWSON721736d ago

@jbsleek you play the final game to make such a judgement on the MMO elements?

Christopher1737d ago

Yeah. I found the face options, overall, very limiting considering you can't go into any detail (nose, eye shape/look, chin, etc.). But, in the game, you'll mostly be wearing a helmet when most people see you and you won't be seeing yourself. Only see yourself on the hub planet.

Insomnia_841737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

And you can't rotate the character around either! That should be like a mandatory thing when customizing characters. I bet my balls all of you tried to rotate the character when choosing a hair style lol

Christopher1736d ago

Your balls are safe with that bet :P

Clown_Syndr0me1737d ago

What?! The customisation was terrible! I put that down to it being a beta though and expect tonnes more options in the final release.

KAEM71737d ago

brace yourself for dissapointment. It's going to stay 'terrible' (your words not mine)

Clown_Syndr0me1737d ago

I wont be dissapointed as its not that important. But to say the customisation in character creation on Destiny is good is simply not true. Its really limited, Oblivion had better customisation..

KAEM71737d ago


Ok cool. I agree it's not all that important in this case considering it's mostly FPS with helmets. I wouldn't say it's good either... I think it's just decent (the human male options are bad, the others are ok)

LAWSON721736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Oblivion has very good customization compared to a lot of new games however making a unique character is kind of difficult and no beards lol. You want really limited make a character in GTAV. As for it being better at launch I doubt it, because from what I can tell the beta is the full game locked at level 8 cap and of course you can only go to Earth and maybe even a limited area on the planet.

The character creator thing certainly is not in depth but you can make an alright looking character at least (something the first two Soul games cant do). It is nothing special or noteworthy but it serves the small relevance of your face well.

urwifeminder1737d ago

Can you just auto pick and upgrade skills? , I find it tedious spending time in menus worrying about hair colour and what power I will increase .2%.

forcefullpower1737d ago

Please just put in a random button. Most annoying thing not to include in a customisation screen

jtenma1737d ago

You did not play the beta, I see.

Because if you switch back and forth between races (or classes), it generates a random set of cosmetic options (and even gender).

No need for a random button when it is already hard coded into the game.

LAWSON721736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

he may not have noticed or even chose one sex/race and carried on to the next part.

Dannycr1736d ago

Based on the patience shown in that comment (and the request he's making) I would say that he didn't even have the patience to notice that :P

forcefullpower1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Actually it did change when you choose a different races but if you go back to each race it does not randomize after that.

Plus I would prefer just to click on a button that says randomize. nothing wrong with asking for me to be able to click once rather than twice just to randomize.

MidWestMoFo1737d ago

I really want this game now! I can't wait to spend endless hours customizing my character with every little thing imaginable just to take up my time since my life is so boring and shallow that I'd rather sit on here all day worrying about what color pants my Level 36 RoboTard should wear. Oohwee!! What has the world come to?...

Cryptcuzz1737d ago

Get a life man. You come here and make such a condescending comment about those spending a lot of time on how their avatars looks like and how people decide to use their time.

Based on your comment, why didn't you just use the default avatar pic for N4G and yet used the one you are using now?

For those that don't wanna spend time customizing their Guardian in Destiny, just accept the first option for each category and be done with it. It'll take one less than 20 seconds, maybe even less than 10 seconds, so there you go.

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