Famitsu's most wanted games (7/20/14)

NE: "We've once again got our hands on the latest Famitsu's most wanted games chart. "

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Tom871554d ago

Xbox games any one :) ?

die_fiend1554d ago

Yeah I'm surprised to see no Xbone games on here.

Actually, as a Westerner there doesn't appear to be a single noteworthy game on that console so this makes perfect sense

Dehnus1554d ago

It's a bit too early for that as they haven't really announced much for Japan outside of a launch-date and a "Notion of some killer Japanese titles TO ANNOUNCE!" crap.

It is crap because 1. They didn't announce anything yet, and September is getting very close. 2. The usual marketing bullshit.

Now about 1 month in advance (August) they should see some titles in this list. If not, and probably they won't, then Xbox will again be doomed to "yawn" console in Japan.

No offence intended to Xbox Owners, but you can't really admit that MS her track-record in Japan is "stellar".

jcnba281554d ago

Good to see Hyrule Warriors at 4, it should sell well in Japan.

avengers19781554d ago

19 out of 30 are playstation games

greenlantern28141551d ago

I noticed you got 2 disagrees for stating facts.