Destiny Diaries Part II: Come Die With Me

Ian Childs from High Score Reviews writes:

I’m a non-FPS player who finds myself in the Destiny Beta thanks to a friend at Activision, so have decided to keep a diary of my experience. In Part I I discovered I am a coward who doesn’t like being shot at, which can be a problem in games like this. Nevertheless I summoned up the courage to return to the fray…

I logged back in to find my character faithfully waiting for me at the beginning of the warren of tunnels I’d previously cleared. Not quite what I expected. Knowing what I was doing this time made it easier to fly through the section and I was soon back outside and on my way to another gunfight. They came in greater numbers and once again were intent on killing me. This was becoming a theme.

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joab7771910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Its good to get the perspective of an mmo player b/c I think this game will attract types from all genres.

With that being said, im not gonna fault Destiny for the many mmo aspects that r missing, im just gonna say that I have high hopes that even non mmo players will be asking for them as time goes on. Places to hang out, mini games, personal spaces, and a chat box (this needs to come sooner than later).

I love the strike team missions b/c they r like dungeons. And after playing the beta example, I cannot even imagine what raiding will be like. I have one issue and possible recommendation...I really hope that one or all of the classes get some type of healing ablity. It would be much better to put that responsibility on one or all characters instead of dying and respawning 3600x. It doesnt have to be a full out healer as I would prefer it isnt. But so far I am loving the close calls and epic comebacks this game creates. Imagine some type of healing skills added into the mix. (There may be as I havnt looked at skills above level 8 yet and only hav had time for far)

Overall I am so psyched for this game. I think fps fans are gonna realize how much they love rpg elements and vice versa...and then theres Bungie PvP...who can ask for a better PvP in an mmo.

jdiggitty1910d ago

Do you have to have a fire team set up to go on Strike missions or will it put me on a team as a random if I'm playing alone?