Destiny PS4 Alpha vs Beta Screenshot Comparison: You Can Play Spot the Difference

At the release of Destiny’s beta many started to discuss on how it compared to the alpha. Some have been looking for the smoking guns of the usual (real or imagined) “downgrade,” others thought that the beta comes with improved visual fidelity. Bungie itself mentioned in an interview on the PlayStation Blog that the builds after the alpha already looked better than what everyone got to play.

This screenshot comparison between alpha and beta on PS4 aims to show if that's actually true or not.

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youndamie1555d ago

A bit off topic but does anyone know if Destiny will support digital upgrade from PS3 to PS4?

dontbhatin1555d ago

No but your character will carry over.

KnightRobby1555d ago

This game is running better than most full retail releases. I think, that in itself, during the time of Battlefield 4, GTA Online, and Watch Dogs (which still runs terribly for me) is a huge accomplishment. It is just one of the many reasons why I will be supporting Bungie!

ColeMacGrath1555d ago

Nothing much changed. Still looks great.

Bgballin1555d ago

Anyone got an extra beta code for ps4?