Mighty No. 9 New Work-in-Progress Gameplay Footage

Comcept and Inti Creates have released new gameplay footage showing a few glimpses of Call, Beck's brand new transformations and stages.

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herobyclicking1553d ago

I know there is some controversy surrounding this title, but I for one am still going to enjoy the heck out of it when its released.

XiSasukeUchiha1552d ago

That old Megaman feels man:)

3-4-51552d ago

Yea this game keeps looking better and better with every updated video.

* The only thing I don't really like is the Yellow 100% numbers that keep popping up when you take out an enemy.

It's kind of redundant really...I know I got 100% because I killed the bad guy and he's no longer in front of me.....I don't need a number indicating that.

Other than that, this game looks Mega Kick Ace

comebackkid98911553d ago

I <3 the weapon switch mechanic!

luis_spartano1553d ago

Suck it Crapcom!

MegaMan X and Might N° 9 FTW!

MSBAUSTX1553d ago

This game looks freaking sweet. The Mega Man type gane we have been wanting. I will buy it.

Revengeance1553d ago

OMG i needz this! The game! The music! Amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.