The Xbox One Making a Comeback?

At the present time, the Xbox One actually kind of looks like the PS4 in its appearance. Bearing in mind how well the PS4 is doing in stores and other outlets, this should not really be considered bad. However it still contains television navigation and HDMI-in as distinctive points but those efforts have not proven to be the game changers Microsoft thought they would be. As the business has been emphasizing in its various news releases, exclusives have once again turned out to be the main differences between each console, and it is unknown how this will turn out in the long run.

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mrpsychoticstalker3241d ago

It's only a matter of time for the Xbox to surpass the PS4 at least I'm America.

AngelicIceDiamond3241d ago

Well the Arthur is stating an opinion. Just like that one article "5 Why You Should sell You X1" is an opinion.

But Look since we are engaged in a "War" between the consoles what would the overall outcome be if one console out does the other one?

What Goal would be reached?

What general idea would finally be realized?

What would the benefits be?

ABizzel13241d ago

No, not yet at least.

For the month of June they not only loss to the PS4, but also the Wii U worldwide, so you can't make a "comeback" if you're still in 3rd place.

The good news for them is that things are finally starting to look up somewhat, whereas before launch there was little to no light at the end of the tunnel, and seeing their sales drop off quickly after launch while the PS4 was still roaring on that light dimmed once again.

However, the $399 SKU will help them price wise, but IMO they need to drop down to $349 as soon as it's not costing them, even if it's just a holiday discount. Another thing on their side is that they still haven't had their worldwide launch, which will give them a solid Day 1 boost, but more importantly it'll give their weekly worldwide number a 10% - [email protected] boost consistently.

I don't think they'll have a chance at a comeback until people start looking for a second or third console (aka 1 - 2 years from now), but I think by the end of the year they'll be in a much better position and 2015 should be a great year for them.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3241d ago

I think the price cut will help and when they get some killer apps like Halo 5 or Gears of War, it will stay competitive.

I'm a PS4 fan but I certainly don't take the XBOX One for granted, I know the console war is far from over, the XBOX brand is very strong in the USA, just look at the XBOX 360 fanbase.

xHeavYx3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Matter of time? I heard that when Titanfall released, when there was a price drop,I heard it's supposed to happen once the One releases in more countries, after Halo, but the PS4 keeps outselling the One, the gap keeps getting bigger and bigger and that won't change

mcstorm3241d ago

I think mrpsychoticstalker is right about the Xbox in the us. I think the Xbox one will finish with more sales in the us and uk by the end of this gen but the ps4 will sell more world wide and also be closer in sales in the uk and us to the Xbox one than the ps3 was to the 360.

morganfell3241d ago

If it is someone forgot to tell Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop. It is doing worse at those locations than at any point since launch.

choujij3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

In order for it to start making a comeback, it would need to pass the Wii-U install base. Until (or if) that ever happens, last place it is.

BG115793240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Some people are agreeing that the xbone is doing a comeback. But to acknowledge this comeback, mustn't they acknowledge that the xbone's aren't good.
So until now, is the xbone failing or not commercially when compared with the other consoles?

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lifeisgamesok3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The only game I'd want a PS4 for is Uncharted 4

I have a Xbox One for 16 games counting released games and future confirmed titles

A comeback will definitely happen sooner than later

Metallox3241d ago

Your tastes will never be a reason to suggest that Xbox One is making a comeback.

colonel1793241d ago

I only wanted Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360, and I had more than 70 games for PS3. That didn't mean the PS3 beat the 360 in America right?? Because that's what you're saying.

The Xbox One will definitely sell better, but it will be very complicated for it to reach the PS4.

nix3241d ago

the only series i wanted on 360 was Gears of Wars.. but i got 40+ games on PS3. that didn't make PS3 beat 360 last gen... oh wait.

you'll need 25 million + people like you to make it happen.

skoorydook3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

What's it like to live in a narrow minded shallow little world like that ?

You do realise the only person that is missing out is you, you will miss out on some of the best games this gen if you choose to hamstring your self over brand loyalty.

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sic_chops3241d ago

@pshyco and that's the highlight of your life...bragging on n4g about something that will never happen. So sad, so sad. Kinda funny though. What a waste of good oxygen.

ThePope3241d ago

Typing requires no additional oxygen.

LogicStomper3240d ago

You'll be breathing oxygen whether or not you go on N4G...

GeofferyPeterson3238d ago

He'll be breathing the same amount of oxygen wether he's bragging on N4G or not, so your comment is invaild.

MysticStrummer3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

It's also a matter of math.

In my opinion what we'll see is pretty much what we've been seeing since the beginning of 2014. Sometimes XB1 will get a week or month here and there, but PS4 will continue to widen that sales gap overall.

Worldwide, PS4 will dominate. No question.

combatcash3241d ago

I don't think the xbox one will ever catch up to the ps4 in america or any other country. Playstation is a very strong brand they hit the sweet spot with the price and at this point the casual crowd that had jumped ship is coming back. In my case i purchased the ps4 over the xbox one mainly over price and the free apps I.E netflix. Honestly if sony hadn't been so arrogant last gen they would have dominated then as well.

LonDonE3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Dude you are delusional!!!
A comeback doesn't necessarily mean the X1 taking over the PS4 as lead console.
For me it is more the fact that at the moment the X1 versions of games are so subpar compared to PS4 versions! the near constant screen tearing, lower average resolution, and frame rate drops is making X1 look bad.

If Microsoft and the developers at the very least sort out whatever problem is causing the screen tearing which ruins the image quality and breaks immersion and get the games to hold a near steady frame rate i would be a happy bunny! the resolution being on par with PS4 would be a bonus but i just dont see it happening! the X1 is weaker then PS4 in several areas THIS IS FACT! but as long as i play some great true exclusives on the system i dont care!

Power is not everything! i played some right gems on my wii last gen. But even the wii and wii u have a constant frame rate in most games and has no screen tearing.
MS seriously needs to sort out whatever is happening because on paper i see no reason why the power which the X1 has shouldn't be able to pump out decent looking games with decent frame rates with full vsync and at nice resolutions!

ThePope3241d ago

So you own an X1? I ask because I do, and all this screen tearing, and lower res that you talk about I don't see. So please enlighten all of us Xbox owners that are quite happy with the beautiful games, and experiences the X1 provides, where all these issues? I mean I play on the highest rated 60" TVs for picture quality and I love it.

Oh did I also mention I own a PS4 and have not been sold on all the power you speak of.

LogicStomper3240d ago

Do the small differences in graphics between PS4 and XB1 really make you unable to enjoy the game?

LonDonE3238d ago

@YES look at my avatar pic thats my set up!!! i own all 3 next gen consoles!! unlike allot of bullshitters on N4G!

And you dont see it but that dont mean its not there, go to any digital foundry article of most third party games they have videos etc as proof!!
you dont see it because you are use to it, most 360 games had allot of screen tearing too! but once you know what to look for i promise you wont be able not to see it! ignorance is bliss i suppose for some? LOL

And yes if you like me have every platform including a pc then yes a more inferior version of said game will be unplayable for me knowing i could have a much better experience on another platform for same price!! this is not one or two pixels like with most x360 vs PS3 games these are massive differences!

if you are fine with them power to u! i on the other hand am not! go look in the xbox forums for lots of players like me who are pissed off about the tearing in near enough most x1 games!

TheSaint3241d ago

At this stage that's unlikely. Not impossible though.

TheSaint3241d ago

Apparently the disagrees think it is impossible, damn.

Rimeskeem3241d ago

Yes because getting outsold by the ps4 in America 6 months straight surely means it is going to soon surpass the ps4

joab7773241d ago

I wont disagree as many ppl want to love the xbox. Also, at the current price many will ultimately own both.

That being said, MS broke my heart with their direction. Actually PS4 is so successful b/c they chose to do what I though MS should have done.

But I do understand. MS makes Windows. With the mog towards mobile and the TV, and apple and google failing to do well in the living room MS though that they could take advantage of Xboxes popularity and kill two birds with one stone, sell it to gamers and those who want a living room OS.

The problem occured when they alienated those that made the xbox what it is. Now, had they made a system as good or better than the PS4 and had the Kinect etc., it may have worked. Or simply highlighted all the great features as is from the kinect and match Sony, they may have still pulled ahead. But to try and convince gamers it is worth it to play on an inferior machine so u can wave ur hands and watch TV...nope! No one cares enough. Ppl watch recorded shows now or on their tablets. Theres a reason apple and Google have failed.

Do what u do best MS. I just fear that it will be the catching up gen for xbone.

Retroman3241d ago

you should been asking "why all these false come back" article poping up.

and why editors trying to keep gamers confused with daily contradiction article is beyond me.

if MS far behind Sony say so according to NPD sales record. don't create article next day contradict whats been said today . if MS can't catch ps4 just say so call it a day move on . no need for daily BS

Goku7813241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

How does it pass something like the PS4 when you have Xbox Ones sitting in those old dead system shops right next to the Dreamcast like I saw yesterday in the mall in Austin Tx?

Hanuman3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Xbox deserves to get a fair marketshare, but MS will have to work hard to get it.

Your comment history gave you away, btw. You're trolling this site. I'm bubbing you down and blocking your comments. @MrPsychoticstalker

aceitman3241d ago

in a dry month and with the new lower price x1, the ps4 outsold the x1 by 70,000. what will it do when the month is loaded with games , july and august will sell less x1 and with plants vs zombies gw, madden the last of us abes new n tasty . more ps4s will sell. at double of x1 , im calling it now. and 4 x world wide.

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Aldous_Snow3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

With Paul Rudds older ugly brother in charge, they're in a better place than 12 months ago that's for sure.

Like it or not, the gap in the US is extremely tiny compared to X360 & PS3 in the US. Its a close call who will "win" but it come down to the games.. At least the games with guns (this is the US after all)

As for rest of the world... PS4 leaves XO for dust

Thank you & goodnight - Buck 3:16

DanielGearSolid3241d ago

The way ps3 got spanked in the US, I bet Sony wouldve been happy losing by 1mil in the US. Being in the lead is just icing on the cake

AngelicIceDiamond3241d ago

"The way ps3 got spanked in the US,"

Interesting your willing to say "PS3 got spanked" in north america. Considering no PS fan would NEVER use such an adjective such as "spanked" to describe 360 outselling the PS3.

But its ok because the PS4 is a redemption song Now that its selling more than X1. Therefor its ok to admit the PS3 got "Spanked" because the PS4 is selling so well.

I see what you did.

Afterlife3241d ago

It won't, the damage is done. Their PR disaster ruined their brand. They backtracked on everything to match(copy) Sonys.

No matter what they do, Xbox One will always be weaker than the PS4. Who wants a weaker console? this isn't the same small gap as PS3 and 360. It's much bigger.

Buzz7S3241d ago

Over 95 million "weaker" Wii console sales says hi.


Gamers play games, they don't turn to a brick wall and look at the textures.

Godmars2903241d ago

Gamers didn't buy the majority of Wiis. Soccer moms did. They then failed to buy games, and the console, despite it sales, became largely ignored even by Nintendo. Who moved to the WiiU thinking that calling it the WiiU would be a selling point.

It wasn't.

Eonjay3241d ago

Please don't bring the mass market into a conversation about selecting consoles.

MysticStrummer3241d ago

The Wii was a totally different animal, a fad that clearly fizzled out. It was such a hit because of casuals that briefly got the gaming bug. Those people are playing on their phones and tablets now.

ramiuk13241d ago

actually the WII fad was a load of fat people with the promise of being able to game and lose weight.

Rimeskeem3241d ago

The wii was innovative and people wanted that

Imalwaysright3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Why stop at the Wii? Why not the PS2 or maybe the PS1? The Snes was also weaker than the Neo Geo... Console gamers never cared about graphics as much as the N4g majority thinks.

Also the Wii a fad? The second best selling console of all time was a fad? Is that supposed to be joke? Sales don't lie.

"Please don't bring the mass market into a conversation about selecting consoles." this is a conversation about sales and guess where most of the sales come from.

SpinalRemains1383241d ago


You do realize that 90% of Wii buyers were parents and 90% of the users are children, right?

Face it, Nintendo targets a slightly different demographic. The 13 and under users exclusively.

Xbox and PS have a more balanced approach with many games for adults.

Most adults have been done with Mario for over 20 years.

Speaking about the Wii in comparison to Xbox or PS is almost apples and oranges.

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AngelicIceDiamond3241d ago

"They backtracked on everything to match(copy) Sonys."

That's interesting maybe because what Sony had the right plan all along.

With that logic you could say Sony "copied" MS last gen with the right price and PR.

Now you could say MS copied Sony GWG, that's a fact.

nix3241d ago

this gen MS copied Sony from last gen. PS3 was always marketed as "IT DOES EVERYTHING". remember those adverts? it was brought in as the living room multimedia system. you could play blu-ray movies for christ sake and that's how it beat HD-DVD.

MS saw that and wanted to occupy the living room. sony reversed it's strategy from last gen and talked less about multimedia. they must have learned something from last gen that core gamers wants games only.. not 8 thousand other features (which is nice). sony this time made sure PS4 is for the gamers.

MS on the other hand wanted to tighten everything. no sharing. DRMs. TV. TV. TV.

tgunzz3241d ago

@ nix, then that means that sony compied ms from last gen right, going off your formula???

nix3241d ago

No. i'm just saying Sony went back to basics. That's PS2 days basics. all those who developed PS4 are from PS1 days. they all got back together and said "let's get back to what we are good at" and that's what they did.

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typittt693241d ago

Who wants a weaker console? Anyone who wants more games.

mmc-0073241d ago

everyone knows that the playstation brand will have more games that the xbox brand it has been this way before you were even born lol.

typittt693241d ago

@mmc-007 so in your version of the universe playstation was around in 1978

tgunzz3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

@ afterlife, With that mindset why would you even own a console??? They didn't copy sony, they adjusted to the gamers demand. Owning both consoles, the only big gap I see is the space between the two (they need breathing room). With the initial launch of the ps3 (you know) that price point in conjunction to the ps3 is not just a gaming machine anymore (mission statement) that I am sure offended the core gamers as much as xb1's (mission statement), Gamers stuck by them (so did I), and gamers should stick by xb1 (yes I do). There is no reason for me to crucify xb when I didn't do it to ps. Now for the fanboys I get it, you tease me, now I tease you (sounds stupid but ok). I see a lot of statements about the choice over one based on the specs, going off many, and your call outs on this site, are we sayin that had xb1 been the more powerful console that you as well as many on here would have chosen it over the ps4 (or would it be about exclusives/content)?? All in all, I hope the momentum continues to build for xb1. It's a great system, with great features, and killer exclusive games...

LogicStomper3240d ago

"Who wants a weaker console?"

PC would like a word with you.

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