Destiny’s PS4 Beta Looks Awesome on PS Vita via Remote Play

Destiny’s beta looks really shiny on PS4, but there’s one more way to play the game when you’re not at your console, and that’s remote play on PS Vita.

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MonstaTruk1554d ago

Instant Destiny game on-the-go. Gotta love it... :-D

3-4-51553d ago

One of the reasons I want a PS4. I have a Vita now, but not many games for it. I've tried so many and not many of them appeal to me. I've already invested too much money into it to just give up on it so I'm in for the long haul.

Hoping once I get a PS4 it will give me more reasons to use the Vita. And by then there should be more games released for it as well.

* Only games I'm really looking forward to for Vita are Disgaea 4 & Tales of Hearts....maybe SAO too.

Back on topic....This game looks awesome on the Vita.

Gezmoyassine1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Seriously,the remote play feature alone should sell PSVITAS like hotcakes.

ColeMacGrath1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

GTA 5 on the go.. Can't wait for that!

teflontactics1554d ago

Giant yawn at all the remote play topics.

MonstaTruk1554d ago

You ever heard of a band called Thick As Blood? They made a song named "F*ck Scene Kidz". Here's a sample:

"We hate boys that look like girls. We like girls that look like girls."

I'd rather talk about playing Destiny via remote play on my PS Vita while I'm out and about, but...maybe this topic won't bore you as much... :-/

TheLastGuardian1554d ago

Who needs remote play when you have an amazing library of Vita games to play?

Steven36571554d ago

Remote play is a gift from god

SpinalRemains1381553d ago

The more I remote play, the more I realize that I cannot stand the button layouts being different.

More often than not, it is very uncomfortable and doesn't come anywhere close to the DS4 experience.

I can't be the only one. The controls feel so alien no matter how many times I play, and when I return to console and DS4 it feels amazing again.


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The story is too old to be commented.