The Last of Us Dev Fires Back at Those Who Feel $50 is Too Much for PS4 Version: “It’s a Steal”

Lately there have been quite a lot of gamers complaining about the price of The Last of Us Remastered, expressing the position that $50 for a remaster is too much. Sound Designer Robert Krekel, who now works at Sony Santa Monica but previously applied his talent to Naughty Dog’s masterpiece took issue at that concept.

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Ezz20131579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

well, ND shouldn't even comment on this since no one is forcing any one to buy it

it's not like ND is holding a shiv around your neck and telling you to buy it or else...

DeadlyOreo1579d ago

Exactly. It is a steal, certainly for a lot of people who haven't played it yet, one of the best games out even after a year. What bothers me is that people moan about not being able to upgrade the PS3 version for cheap. You paid for a PS3 version, you are not entitled to the PS4 one.

Dancinsolo1578d ago

A steal is $20, let's be real. $50 is okay, just okay.

xHeavYx1578d ago

It comes with DLC, so I think the price is right, hate the sensationalist part of the title though (the "fires back" part), some people do all they can for some clicks

garos821578d ago

They should have had a £10 upgrade offer just like they did with need for speed rivals and cod ghosts and battlefield 4.

I bought it day 1 with season pass. I think people in that situation deserve at least a discount.

Gaming1011578d ago

It's not as though people are asking for it for free on PS4, but I think if you bought it before paying another 50 bucks when you originally paid 60 plus 20 or 30 for a season pass and all you get is the exact same content in slightly higher resolution and framerate is asking too much. Plus it's just one game. God of War 1 and 2 remastered in the same way was just 40 bucks. Remasters almost always come in packs for good value, like Ratchet and Clank, the Sly Collection, Metal Gear Solid collection, and they're all 30-40 bucks because you've already experienced them. All of a sudden because it's next gen it gives license to give one single game a huge price tag, just like Tomb Raider. They sell them for a high price because they know their is little competition this early in the PS4 life cycle and a lot of people are dying for something to play so they'll shell out more money, it's all economics.

Azzanation1578d ago

Of course ND would say "its a Steal" for there own product, they want you to spend $50 on there game. A steal is $20 not $50, you can buy a brand new next gen game for $50 that you haven't played before. TLOU is on the PS3 and that's a steal.

MuhammadJA1578d ago

@ DeadlyOreo:

You can argue and justify the high prices for other remastered releases about how lots of people didn't play them. 50$ is a lot for a last gen game.

I'll wait for the "but it's ND, but it's Sony so we must defend it." responses.

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GamerzElite1578d ago

Peoples are so hypo-critic, when Tomb Raider remaster comes on next gen consoles for $60, they bought it and now they have problem with $50 for a great game of 2013.

Gaming1011578d ago

Tomb Raider was also too much money for just one single game in slightly higher resolution and frame rate. It was charged at a high price because of the lack of competition from other games since the library is lacking being that it is very early in the PS4 life cycle.

Agheil1579d ago

People need to stop complaining -_-

objdadon1579d ago

I've already played it on ps3 and I'd happily pay the full price of 60.00 to play it again along with the multiplayer on my ps4! Remastered or straight port, I miss this game! I want to experience it again!

isarai1579d ago

Well you get an upgraded version of the game which is upgrading far more than just the resolution, you get ALL the DLC which there is quite a bit of, and you get tons of behind the scenes videos/art/commentary and other extras

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