Why You Should Be Excited For Batman: Arkham Knight

A look at the reasons why you should be excited for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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smashman981642d ago

Lol let me answer that.... Yes you should be :)

joab7771642d ago


Cuz u hav eyes and played their other games.

isarai1642d ago

Because i get to punch people in the face!

Pretty much the only reason i need

04roacht1641d ago

thats not on there but still a valid reason

Agent_hitman1642d ago

After watching the gameplay demo of this game, I was blown away by its visuals and futuristic settings.. amazing over 999999999!!!

Myst-Vearn1642d ago

I am already as excited as can be!

Blackleg-sanji1642d ago

Oooo I cant wait to run a crook over with the batmobile

Blackleg-sanji1642d ago

I guess ppl dont wanna run over crooks with the batmobile? ? Lol

CyrusLemont1642d ago

People probably think you're trolling. If you don't actually know though, Rocksteady stated that bad guys will automatically jump out of the way of the Batmobile as it would go against Batman's rule of not killing. It's kind of a bummer, cause it would be pretty fun to knock henchmen across the map with goofy physics haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.