Do The Layoffs at Microsoft Signal Trouble For The Xbox One and A Win For Sony

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if the 18,000 layoffs pending at Microsoft are a sign of trouble for the Xbox One. While the Xbox related layoffs are in the entertainment side of things, one has to wonder if this is a further win for Sony and if more changes for the Xbox One lay ahead.

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smashman981553d ago

No I don't think so I mean both quantum break and halo are confirmed to have not been affected so I feel it's safe to assume everything is ok as for Sony winning that's been happening for a while soooo....

bicfitness1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I doubt Halo will get more than one season though, since MS is changing direction on their "programming" angle. Makes that whole HDMI in thing even more stupid in retrospect. Such a waste of silicon when all they had to do was add more power, and the core demographic would have been happy.

JBSleek1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I don't think the addition of another HDMI port would have helped the Xbox One be more powerful. Also HDMI isn't on the chip so it isn't "silicon" it's on the motherboard.

lifeisgamesok1553d ago

I'm a core fan and I'm very satisfied. Power isn't everything

The exclusives are great and two of the most graphically impressive games are on the "weaker" system

bicfitness1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

What are you talking about JB? MS added an HDMI in so that you could run a set-top through the X1. It was a stupid decision, not one that I endorse or had suggested. Not only that, but it took up valuable motherboard space and components. I said as much, and quite clearly, so your reading comprehension is at fault here.

@ lifeisgamesok, I know there's no point in rational discussion with you, however, most 360 fans just wanted a 720. Same ecosystem, same franchises, more power. Now the goalposts are suddenly moving because MS screwed the pooch when it came to engineering. People like you have no choice but to smile and smack your lips in delight as the turd is being served to you.

reaperofsouls1553d ago

@ lifeisgameok

the two most graphically impressive games of the current gen are killzone 4 and infamous ss and neither are on the xbone

ziggurcat1553d ago

were any of those layoffs from the xbox division (specifically the console, studios, etc...) or just the movie/tv/whatever division? if they weren't for the xbox division, then i don't see how it spells disaster for the xbone.


killzone: sf, and infamous: ss aren't on xbone, so...

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Darkstares1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

12,500 of the 18,000 are to do with the Nokia deal from a year ago. They are also closing the Xbox Entertainment Studios which is to do with premium TV content. The XBox gaming division will not be impacted much, if at all. Many wanted the XBox One to be mainly a game console after all that TV talk during the unveiling over a year ago, this looks like another example of that direction.

What's interesting is Microsoft's financial situation is very sound so this isn't because of the market and losses. It's trimming the fat, something many have said in the past that is a problem at the company. They are very bloated so it makes sense to be more focused.

RichardDawkins1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Considering Xbox Entertainment Studios was supposed to be an integral part of the's no longer there, the exceptions are Quantum Break and Halo. It's not a "win" for Sony, just another 180 for Microsoft.

JBSleek1553d ago

Cutting a studio who doesn't cut it isn't a 180. Would you rather them keep bleeding the money on a program that wasn't working?

I rather them axe it and spend the money elsewhere.

SaveFerris1553d ago

Doesn't the entire Xbox division bleed money?

RichardDawkins1553d ago

So what do you call the DRM "vision"? Kinect "ecosystem"? All-in-one "entertainment experience"(that included Xbox original television series btw)"Xbox will become the next water cooler", do you remember the reveal at all??

I call it a 180 because they're going back on something they once said would be apart of the system. Doesn't matter if it was "bleeding" money.. They should' have put someone In charge who could get shit done; so far I've seen a minimal amount of competent people at Microsoft(Xbox Divison) who can.

JBSleek1553d ago

"Doesn't the entire Xbox division bleed money?"

No one can actually answer that question due to the way MS reports it but I'd assume no because both consoles make a profit when sold.


Honestly it doesn't matter what MS does with Xbox One you won't actually buy one so having a debate on it with you seems pointless.

manchesterman221553d ago

only if you're a sony fanboy or stupid!!

zeuanimals1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Or both. Or a troll. Or all three.

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