Top 5 Android Games To Play On Your Way To Work

As the lonely commuter sits in their own diminutive world amongst the hastily dressed early risers and the effusive business people, busy leaving their indelible mark on the world a distraction so complete, so wholly and vividly intelligible is desperately needed. One that will make the seemingly gratuitous time of day and the long authority-filled hours ahead quickly feel like a barely noticeable breeze – Suddenly our lonely commuter realises they have the world at their feat! Or that is what one hopes the power of gaming in the modern age can achieve. And with the increasingly impressive line-up of handheld games now available on the android “play-store”, perhaps this early morning mood-boost is not so far-fetched after all.

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Agent_hitman1554d ago

Games currently installed on my 7'' Android tab are:

Zombie Diaries 2
Metal Slug Defense
Soul Craft
Zenonia 5
Shadowgun Deadzone

and many more

PinkEye1554d ago

Temple run? This list is a joke

JackCrutcher1554d ago

Because you don't agree with it, its a joke? Lol, sit down.