Sony Pondering How To Hang Art In The PS3

Stephen Totilo of MTV games writes:

"This is art," Sony producer Rusty Buchert told me in Los Angeles last month as he showed me what looked and played like an interactive real-time cut-scene on the PlayStation 3. He was showing me "Linger In Shadows," the product of a handful of Polish programmers and artists who have created an artistically ambiguous and technically ambitious nine-minute controlled flight through a digital dreamscape.

I had suggested to Buchert that "Linger In Shadows" boot up with the Sony logo screen bordered in a picture frame. That would be a visual indication that "Linger In Shadows" is art and not exactly a game (not that the two are mutually exclusive, of course!). It would imply that this thing is suitable for framing.

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Pornlord4553d ago

Sounds good, I probably pay for it, unless they made it like a screensaver or interactive art of my PS3 theme or something. Now with home implied. You could make the art into a painting, charge people for the painting (like 2 bucks) and then they have that available for their personal space. Not a bad idea. Don't see why they wouldn't do it.

himdeel4553d ago'd be nice to boot it up and let it run during small get together s and parties. This way we're not looking at a blank screen and it adds to the visual appeal of a room.

LastDance4553d ago

I really admire that. brilliant stuff.

avacadosnorkel4553d ago

I never get to play any of the cool stuff

Raoh4553d ago

the possibilities are endless..

even though they did this in their spare time, there was rumor of money being invested for them to work on a full complete project.