No Man’s Sky: Belief in the Unknown

Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'For many of us, we still don’t really know what No Man’s Sky is about. We know we have massive galaxies to explore, creatures to find and possibly hunt and minerals to mine but hardly anyone outside the dev team seems to know how this all slots together to form a game.'

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kyon1471550d ago

This is true as I have no clue what the game is about but it looks cool...

dota2champion1550d ago

You're exploring and discovering new things.

xtheblackparade1550d ago

I don't know..the things you can do in this game that we've already seen confirmed are good enough to make up an entire game. Exploring the universe, visit giant planets, discover shit. That alone could guarantee endless hours of gametime, IF it's done correctly. The trailers seemed like done correctly, but trailers are always filled with the games premium scenes...anyway I agree that we need a lot more footage from this game to asess whether it will be a legendary title or a legendary idea.

isarai1550d ago

After watching every interview and sticking to this game like white on rice i know very well what the game is about. It's open for the players to make it what they want with the game revolving around your "multitool" which can be upgraded for many different purposes other than just a weapon, resources which can be mined and gathered then traded for money/equipment/ships/upgrades , space travel via your ship, and of course the planets.

these are the essential pillars of the game but how you play it is open to you and you can upgrade/buy what caters to your style. So if you want to just be an explorer you can get a ship that can travel further and faster and can be easily landed and have a tool that provides navigational support, if you want to be a tradesman you can upgrade you tool for finding and mining resources easier and get a bigger ship that holds more resources, if you want to be a warrior you can get a strong ship with powerful guns and upgrade your tool to be a weapon primarily.

It's up to you how you play, but the reason Hello Games is trying to be so vague is they want you to discover these things yourself on your own to instill a strong sense of wonder to the world instead of giving you every single detail so you already know what to expect and are never surprised or feel like you actually discovered anything yourself.

SuperLupe1550d ago

Thanks for the very informative comment!

TheTowelBoy1550d ago

More devs should do that nowadays. At this point anything a dev doesn't tell you you can guarantee won't be in the game.