PS4-Xbox One FPS/Resolution Debate: Better FPS Is Preferred, 99% of People Won't Spot The Difference

"Ever since the advent of PS4 and Xbox One, there has been a constant discussion not only among players but also the development community about frame rate and resolution."

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XiSasukeUchiha1555d ago

Good, now we can laid this case to bed, and just return to playing games.

Ezz20131555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

he will always be first and we have to live with that

are we still doing this Debate?!

this developer think 99% of gamers don't notice the difference between 720p and 1080p ...i mean like for real ?!

also where was those developers/gamers who can't tell teh difference in GFX or FPS last gen
when xbox360 version of game get a little bit better grass/shadow and called the best version on consoles
while ps3 version get crap for it early years last gen

so it was sooo easy to spot a little bit sharper grass or a little bit better shadow last gen
but it's hard to notice Resolution/Framerate/textuers/ effects etc this gen ?!

too much flip flop going on this gen

johndoe112111555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


You know what the sad part is? I may be wrong about this obviously but last gen I never saw a single article on the internet, not one, saying that frame rates and resolution didn't matter. None. Every single article I saw was concerning this topic was basically asking why should you spend more money on a ps3 when you were getting better performance on the 360.

The internet was littered with articles like these from some of the very same journalists who are saying right now that resolution and frame rates don't matter. Devs also never said this. They made their games and allowed the community to run rampant with comparisons.

In fact you had devs joining the bandwagon in criticizing the ps3 and proclaiming its death. But now we've entered the twilight zone where these things no longer matter. Where resolution and frame rates are a figment of our imagination. Where amd and nvidia are telling us to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade graphics cards even though our games will not look any noticeably different based on what these devs and the gaming media are saying.

Welcome, to the twilight zone.

GameNameFame1555d ago

is that why people upgraded from 720P to 1080P tvs?

because no one could tell the difference?

No matter what few desperate Xbox fanboys say. The market already said clearly 1080P matters by buying the 1080P TV.

jebabcock1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

95% of that 99% of people wont have 2 systems to allow them to spot the difference... So yeah you are right they won't spot the difference..


On another side people will pay 3000 dollars for a sound system instead of a 300 dollar one when "most can't tell the difference"... The improvement however unimportant we want it to be, will always have a strong impact on sales when it is all said and done. That is just how consumers always are.

That being said, the game library a console offers has a larger impact and can definitely offset this. But I think MS is going to have to do a bit more than what they are doing now if they want to catch up in marketshare with Sony. It looks like instead of trying to take it to the next level, right now they are just trying to match what Sony has been doing.

johndoe112111555d ago


You're blind, you're not seeing the bigger picture. We've all been duped by the likes of samsung, lg, panasonic, sony, JVC and all the rest. For years they have been pushing us to upgrade our tv's, DVD's and bluray players knowing fully well that we could have gotten the same graphical quality of tranformers 3 on a 1990 27" tube tv.

And don't get me started on the money I spent on my GeForce GTX TITAN Black. I could have just left my original Geforce 7800 in and I would not have known the difference. We've been duped my friend. We've all been duped.

*Buries head in lap and sobs uncontrollably*

Boody-Bandit1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I have one question and one question only.
Where were all of these graphics didn't matter articles before this generation started?

I know they existed to a small degree being scattered throughout the last generation but it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack to find them compared to seeing them on a daily basis today.

This generation there are dozens of articles per week of game play over graphics, performance (frame rates, video tearing, etc) over resolution. There has even been a drop in game comparisons between the consoles. Last gen we were flooded with them. Not that I care, because I always thought this topic was stupid, but does lens of truth (remember how many called them lens of lies?) even exist anymore?

And "some" claim the media isn't slanted / bias. SMDH

The bottom line, and I mean the absolute bottom line, is when it comes to the consoles, the PS4, because of it's hardware advantages, is the best bet to offer the best of all worlds.

This whole "it doesn't matter until it does" is shameless hypocrisy and sites like gaming bolt use it for click bait.

neoandrew1555d ago

Most tv series shows are 720p, but have you seen any game, even in 4K that looks better than real world footage in 720p? No you haven't.

People have 108p because it is cheap and blurays are 1080p.

For games vs real footage, real footage always wens even in 720p.

Dehnus1555d ago


It is true though it doesn't matter that much unless you have a big TV. Framerate however does matter, and there the PS4 is also faster.

But if we can let go of this whole resolution nonsense and focus more in keeping games at 60fps, that would be swell.

InTheLab1555d ago


Yeah I remember playing Red Dead on the PS3 when everyone made a big deal about 680p or something while the 360 ran it at 720p. Sites like G4 called the 360 version the definitive despite the extra content on PS3.

Now most gamers who so called can't tell the difference between full HD and HD blown up to fill a screen are tired of the resolution debate all of a sudden. The never ending debate stems from all the unreal engine games on 360 running better than the PS3.

So we are 8 months into this gen and now it doesn't matter? This nonsense should last another 6 years or until X1 is capable of full HD on a regular basis.

LordMaim1555d ago

So far, the PS4 has an edge in both FPS and resolution. I'm not sure what the article's point was.

mixolydian_id1555d ago

Someone should really talk more about humans and visual perception.

FPS is definitely noticeable, halo to cod for example, one handles like a truck, the other a shopping trolley...

But why not locked 48fps? That's still double youtube encoding? (Which is being implemented thanks to the creation of next gen consoles and streaming)

Resolution is debatable... Yeah more pixels may make for slightly better quality, but I personally feel that the visual perceivable difference between 480 and 720 was bigger, then 720 and 1080

People need to get their head around that, just like overall CPU power, resolution and perceivable difference is is reaching a plataue.

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lifeisgamesok1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

We'd love to just play games instead of pixel counters jumping on every release

Xbox One hasn't had any 720 games since launch though Titanfall was 792

And it's true resolution only gives the most minimal difference in graphic fidelity

Especially when it's 720 to 900, or 900 to 1080

Ballsack1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Fact of the matter is the xbox one hardware is struggling regardless of the now 'just play the game' bandwagon you xbox fanboys and bias media are now all jumpin on.. Where was this mentality last gen when Ps3 was scrutinized to hell for not having as much grass in a multiplat etc..this is much more embarrassing this gen this is one console pushing double the pixels of the other!!!

People have issues with paying out dollar for an inferior product when for the same price you can get a product that has no trouble reaching higher resolutions due to the fact it is more powerful

And as much as you and some bias media try to downplay it there are clear differences between multiplat games

That's the issue.

joab7771555d ago

Thats simply not true and it isnt about simple resolution. Its the big picture. Xbox became xbox b/c of their commitment to gamers, especially hardcore gamers. Now, at the beginning of a gen, they have inferior tech that will only become more obvious as time passes.

Play Assassins Creed on both systems and tell me if it isnt noticeable. Xbox broke my heart when they decides to do what they did. I can understand if they chose this route to supply gamers with a cheaper option to game...but they didnt.

pyramidshead1555d ago

I often wonder if you're still trying to convince yourself when you type something like this out , especially when the facts stare you in the face.

imt5581555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )



Xbox One hasn't had any 720 games since launch


What about BF4, COD - Ghosts, KI, DR3 etc...


Quote :
Thankfully for xb1 it seems to be just a problem at launch. XB1 hasn't had a game at 720p since Titanfall.

Yes it does. MGS V: GZ came after Titanfall

Toman851555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

*Edit* Double reply" *Sorry ID 1337*

Toman851555d ago

Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Metal Gear Solid V GZ, BF4 says hello.

You are delusional as always, creating lies all over news 4 gamers.

Im glad I don't need a trip to Specsavers since I got this trifecta with a PC for this generation, and yes the difference is visible.

neoandrew1555d ago

Most tv series shows are 720p, but have you seen any game, even in 4K that looks better than real world footage in 720p? No you haven't.

People have 1080p because it is cheap and blurays are 1080p.

For games vs real footage, real footage always wens even in 720p.

kenshiro1001555d ago

Now pixels don't matter?
You guys clack me up.

SilentNegotiator1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

A 50% pixel count increase (900p to 1080p) is not "minimal" no matter how many times you tell yourself it is. We're talking about an additional ~600,000 pixels.

DarXyde1555d ago

Wait, how does this make any sense:

"And it's true resolution only gives the most minimal difference in graphic fidelity

Especially when it's 720 to 900, or 900 to 1080"

I'm not saying I can see much difference between resolutions, but how does 720p compare to 900p and 900p compare to 1080p? Your argument is basically "b" is comparable to "d", "d" is comparable to "cl", therefore "b" is comparable to "cl".

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xboxftw1555d ago

@xi you haven't played a game in 200+ days since you joined n4g.

warlordianx21555d ago

Stop Spamming Shannaro Jutsu that's why you always first, anyways for me a good FPS and resolution always matter, I paid for that

Dontworrybhappy1555d ago

I just found out Destiny is 30 fps on next gen consoles to have parity with last gen... the hell?!

kevnb1555d ago

they are full of shit

ricochetmg1555d ago

If it matter last Gen then why not this one ? Is it because it's the xbox? Media payoffs...

nosferatuzodd1555d ago

this is the thing that grind my gears last gen these same people, yes the same people was saying oh why pay more for ps3 when Xbox perform better than ps3 now all of a sudden resolution doesn't matter lol please the hypocrisy of Microshaft and their spokes man writing all these crappy articles trying to convince people graphics and resolution doesn't matter.

Stop trying to con people you conn man just accept it the ps4 is much more capable console this time around than xbox1 microshaft shafted everyone by short changing the system for tv and kinect and now they are trying to justify their errors by trying to convince everyone graphics and resolution doesn't matter..

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TheBurger291555d ago

True but lets say you have someone who doesn't know anything about resolution. When they walk into the store and ask what the difference is and they say that one runs better than the other they will go with the better machine.

HacSawJimThugin1555d ago

Put that same customer in front of both systems and he won't be able to spot the difference as easily as an arm chair dev. While said customer is watching both in motion he/she will want to know about the difference in features and games and then a decision will be made on which to buy. Personal preferences matter way more than the opinion of someone else. I think the FPS/Res thing matters most the type of people that post on forums and such. Everyone person in the entire history of N4G knows more about gaming than the general public, we are the minority; albeit the vocal minority, we are that.

pompous1555d ago

Sorry hacsaw that is simple not true and you obviously never worked in retail in the electronics department because people would come in and the could EASILY tell the difference between two tv's displaying the same content on which has a better picture. So if consumers can notice that, and they are the same resolution, then of course they'd be able to tell the difference in resolution. You are also forgetting that consumers are FAR more informed now-a-days then they have ever been since almost every buyer has the internet and they do research before they buy. Different times we live in now and you are severely underestimating the general public as you can see proof as we speak with the sales difference in the 2 consoles.

Ashlen1555d ago

99% of all statistics are made up.

jebabcock1555d ago

Agreed! and when they aren't made up they usually were calculated properly to begin with..

GribbleGrunger1555d ago

I'd love to know how many people agree with this but STILL have a 1080p TV at home ...

Ezz20131555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

but you can't tell teh difference between HDTV and SubHDTV
believe me on this
i don't lie

uhhh, what's wrong with my nose

Volkama1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

And I'd love to know how many people with 1080p screens are aware that the huge majority of broadcast content available is 720p or 1080i. That would have more relevence to the discussion.

Let's not be forgetting that when there was a huge push for HDTV and Blu-Ray they were advertised to the mainstream by showing things like explosions, shattering glass, and humming birds in slow motion. On their standard def TVs. That's the level of understanding a lot of people have on this topic.

Muadiib1555d ago

That's because they have built in upscalers as do most consoles and other devices, most dvd's upscaled to 1080p look barely worse than native 1080p movies, the difference is negligible at best.

With tv 25fps is enough, but with games we need 60 fps or more for most genres to have a smooth and responsive experience, the difference between 30 and 60 is enormous. Evert game except for turn based games on next-gen should be 60fps or more.

The fact most developers are compromising fps for a higher res is laughable at best and sinister at worst, it makes for better headlines and is just a box they can tick.

LAWSON721555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I have a 32 in 720p TV, however I do also game on a 22in 1080p monitor on PC, despite it being quite good for what it is I just need a bigger screen so as soon as I get the money 46in+ TV here I come.

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kurruptor1555d ago

Well I'm glad this 1 opinion puts the debate to rest. I'm gonna go back to my 480p 65" big screen since resolution doesn't matter.

thehobbyist1555d ago

Good god. I cringe when I think about how much that must weigh.

neoandrew1555d ago

The bigger the screen, the closer you are, then more it matters, but you can't spot the difference between 720p and 1080p on for example a 50 inch tv when you are more than 4 meters for it.

Of course i doesn't mean that there won't be any difference, but it will not be due to lower resolution, in theory it shouldn't have any differences.

Weaker hardware needs more power to render the same objects in the same quality, so if you make them render in the same quality but in 720p (thus making it possible) and playing more than 4 meter from you 50 inch tv you should not spot any difference comparing to the same render quality bu tin 1080p.

But you will see it if closer than 4 meters.

It all depends on viewing distance, resolution, tv size

And one more thing, most tv series shows are 720p, but have you seen any game, even in 4K that looks better than real world footage in 720p?