Is BioWare's Mass Effect 4 Survey a Good Sign

"Recently, Mass Effect 4 game producer Michael Gamble posted a Mass Effect fan feedback survey on his Twitter account. Gamble wants fans to "help" BioWare make the new Mass Effect game "the best one yet." I decided to take the time to fill out the survey. " |

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gillri1734d ago

Yes I voted for more exploration and less combat, I would like unexplored like in ME1 just done alot better

dangert121734d ago

Interesting what are you reasons for this?

joab7771733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

For me, its b/c I want a space rpg and the universe of mass effect is one of the greatest ever created. So, I want them to give ME the same treatment that Dragon Age appears to be getting.

Heres how to do it. Has anyone played Destiny? Like that. Create a Mass Effect mmo. U can choose many different races and classes, as they will use ME3's multiplayer as the template for dungeons and raiding. The Citadel akready exists as do possible factions.

Imagine a guild buying a large ship and building it up...maybe that is worked into PvP. U log in and appear there etc. There r also smaller ships and rooms for each player.

As I said, there are certain planets at first with exploration etc. Maybe there r different jobs like scientist, pilot, whatever.

It could be epic with the storytelling. This would extend and flesh out the universe to a degree we hav never seen..and simply be awesome. And future content, planets, races and classes would be added.

And what I love most about Destiny, good mmos etc. is that they keep a full team and r ever evolving so feedback from fans would be crucial to building the best game possible.


dangert121733d ago

You raise some good points but how would you respond to some of those core fans, who feel that it may effect the story and fluidity of the game?

Yes Dragon Age is filled to the brim with content and exploration, but mass effect is known for it's extremely well story telling and maintaining some level of constancy from the transition of actual in game play to cutscenes vice-versa. Which creates a very rich experience for some.

Do you realise, by stating what you have, you have totally changed the face of mass effect and possibly away from the story driven game it is famously known for being. This sure is a complex and controversial topic.

moorea11730d ago

I have to agree with you. I would also like to see them go back to the way the citadel was in ME1 where you could walk around and explore it rather than have to wait for it to load ever time.

Godmars2901734d ago

No. No its not.

They shouldn't be fishing for help from the fanbase for what game they should be making. Period.

Pandamobile1734d ago

Yeah, Bioware totally shouldn't listen to their fans. What are they thinking...

Godmars2901734d ago

Not if they were competent in the first place. What they're doing with this is trying for early placation for inability to tell/deliver a story in their game.

Summons751733d ago

They don't listen to their fans to begin with....

SaintAlpha1011733d ago

"Wah! Bioware don't listen to their fans and reject our input! Boycott!"
"Wah! Bioware are listening to their fans and accepting our input! Boycott!"

Please don't become the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase, Mass Effect fans.

Summons751733d ago

They may be listening, but this doesn't prove they are accepting. Remember how they promised ME3 would be more of an RPG like ME1 because fans didn't like the streamlined rpg elements of 2 or how our decisions from ME1&2 would affect the ending because 2 didn't' really have much influence from ME1? Remember how they broke those promises? The fans sure do...

SaintAlpha1011733d ago

I never really listened, I played ME1, 2 and 3 without looking at what the internet had to say and then looked at what people thought after I had played it and built my own opinion. (Something more gamers should do IMO.)

As for the series being an RPG, I've never really seen it that way, it's always been a Sci-Fi Third Person shooter franchise to me.
If there was RPG elements in ME1, I must have missed them.

Also for the record, ME2 is my favorite of the series.
I can play it over and over and never get bored of it and I think I've completed around 14 playthroughs of the game to date.

ME1 is good but gets tedious really quickly due to it's slow pace and unrefined gameplay (IMO) and ME3 is good, but it's not worth playing since by the end, all your progress through the three games isn't worth diddly dickard.

lameguy1733d ago

Not sure if it's a good thing or not but I left 3 responses and each said "Do not use Kinect for xbox" so I hope they listen to that at least.

dcj05241733d ago

Why not? You can use it for voice commands the your AI companions.

lameguy1733d ago

Several reasons really.
- I tend to play in long sessions for ME type games and talking for hours isn't fun, engaging, or what I look forward to.

- When your player/companions pick up gibberish/random swearing and then fire off a power with a 10+ second cooldown, you tend to die.

- When you actual give a command but your player/companion doesn't understand it and then does nothing at all, you tend to die.

- I'd rather have the studio developing and creating other things for the game rather then designing/implementing/debuggi ng voice.

Malakhim1733d ago

This is streets ahead!
Maybe they'll listen ;)

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