Rebellion: PS4/XB1 Distance Closing

Rebellion believes that the distance between PS4 & XB1 is closing, and they may exploit the extra 10% GPU boost soon in Sniper Elite 3.

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XiSasukeUchiha2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Closing, for now but eventually as this generation continues one console is going to increase gap.

You got three chooses

A) PS4
B) XB1
C) Wii U

GameNameFame2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )


Explain to me how 10 percent more GPU is so importatnt, but 50 percent more GPU power PS4 is not important.

author's fanboy logic does not make any sense.

If that 10 percent GPU do wonder when exploited, then the 50 percent more GPU on PS4 will create a massive gap when exploited too.

Ausbo2617d ago

Ps4 doesn't have 50% more power. Its 50% faster. Big difference. The 10% however is 10% more power.

Artemidorus2617d ago

Name one game that offers 50% more GPU power next to Xbox One.

Ausbo2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I'm getting a disagrees, yet all I've stated is facts. Someone tell me why I'm wrong

johndoe112112617d ago


That's way to much logic for some people around here to grasp.



1. Even though developers are not pushing for straight parity, you'll have to be totally clueless to think that they will make one version of a game that looks a lot worse on one system over the other and loose sales on that system.

2. The gen has now started. to expect to see massive differences now would be unreal. when devs have fully unlocked the potential for both systems and one of them has a lot more potential to unlock then that is another story.

3. The reality is the only devs that will be really pushing the limitations of these systems are the first part devs and I guarantee you we will begin seeing a noticeable difference in the quality of first party titles.

We have already seen what the ps4 is capable of in it's early stages with infamous, driveclub, the order and soon uncharted. It is unimaginable what we will be seeing in five years. Just as we saw the ps3 push graphics that were never seen on the 360, we're going to have a repeat this gen. But it's going to be worse.

Bigpappy2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

@GameNameFame (NextLevel): Because , just maybe,PS4 is NOT 50% more powerful.

Its the developers making the claim that the performance gap is closing. Not the Author. So you are the one being the fan boy, by claiming bios when the author QOUTED the developer in verbatim.

You obviously didn't read, because you keep copy and pasting the line in ever article where developers are saying they could reach parity.

stuna12617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Most people live a world where only one contender has the ability to evolve be exploited or otherwise be used in a way to maximize it potential! Because after all we live in a world where resources are limited and therefore it's only logical that the one that people perceive to have the most room to grow, be the one that's the candidate.

What's really intriguing is how quick some are to hang their hats on the next big thing, when everything prior has been shot down! Do we need examples!?

Nekroo912617d ago

You're getting disagrees for stating that now the xbox can use 10% of the 1.3tflops gpu for gaming, but the 1.8tflops gpu on the ps4 means nothing.

How can Ausbo have 5 bubbles when he doesent understand this?!

10% more that was reserved for the kinect inside the 1.3 tflops gpu its STILL WEAKER than a 1.8 tflops gpu!!! Hypocrites

Ezz20132617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

i agree
it's pretty amazing how 40 to 50% stronger/faster GPU and stronger/faster Ram are
""Meh, no big deal..GFX don't matter it's teh fun ""

but somehow unlocking 10% of GPU which bring it back to 1.31Tflops
which still much more weaker than ps4 GPU is

EDIT: @Ausbo
1.31Tflops (7770) Vs. 1.84tflops (7850)
glad i can help

2617d ago
GameNameFame2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )


It actually do. 1.84 Tflop for PS4 and 1.18 tflop for XOne.

Not ghz, but the actual power it self.

It has 50 percent more computing units too.

As for games using 50 percent more GPU, look at Infamous, Driveclub. or any game that has resolution gap.

900p vs 1080p is about 50 percent more pixels. you fanboys ask for proof, but you never accept it.

PS4 has same CU chips as X1, but literally has more of it. like 50 percent. again, its facts you are too desperate to accept.

johndoe112112617d ago


I've got a hundred dollars that says no one will be able to counter what you said with any argument that makes logical sense. Your comment is the definition of "absolute truth"

GameNameFame2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

@the infected.

Actually it doesnt have better tools. Devs already been complaining for that fact.


Lol. i hear your last bubble pop. Face the facts buddy.

tell me how does 10 percent gpu matters, but 50 percent doesnt. That fact has been verified by people who took apart PS4 and X1 boths.

jebabcock2617d ago


You have no clue what you even just said nor does anyone else... Because it is absolutely nonsensical. GameNameFame's initial comment wasn't much better but at least he made a valid point(that 10% improvement needs to be taken in context). For the respect of others please refrain from making comments regarding hardware performance..

Technically the 10% is less substantial... It only applies to the GPU... Yes the GPU is very important but if the improvement didn't come where the bottlenecks were, then its really just marketing fodder and will offer little help to actually improve games..

Marketing fodder is something MS is notorious for. I haven't been hearing many devs coming out and claiming that this 10% helped them bring parity or even close the gap between the two systems, in fact most seem to avoid direct responses to the said improvement with vague("It's possible somewhere in the future" type responses)...Aside from that devs will take whatever they can get and usually be grateful. We like to take things out of context here on N4g though.

fr0sty2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Not 50% more power?

The 50% number was actually derived from the number of compute units in PS4's GPU. PS4 has 50% more CUs than Xbox One.

It has 250% more RAM bandwidth to its main pool of RAM.

It has 50% more texture units (each CU has 4 TUs in it, so 50% more CUs = 50% more TUs).

It has 400% more asynchronous compute engines.

It has 100% more render output pipelines.

So, that 50% was actually the lower of the percentage numbers chosen, though you can't accurately just slap a percentage on a console and say it is X% more powerful than Y. It doesn't work that way. However, if you want to talk about raw power of the individual components, 50% is actually among the more conservative figures you could toss around.

Both have bottlenecks that prevent them from utilizing their full potential. Both have a weak CPU, though PS4 makes up for it with the additional compute units that can perform GPGPU tasks to aid the CPU. So, PS4 will be CPU bound less often than XO due to having a helping hand from those CUs. XO has some nice fast ESRAM, but it's bottlenecked into only being able to use a tiny, TINY 32mb of it at once.

The gap isn't closing however... not by enough to matter. For every step forward XO makes, PS4 also cranks out an optimization that brings its lead back out again. Both consoles will continue to have what we consider them to be capable of improve... but there will never be a day where parity exists between the two. Not even close. There will always be a noticeable performance gap resulting in lower resolution, effects, etc. on XO, unless the developer purposely dumbs down their game to target the lowest powered hardware configuration.

MeliMel2617d ago


Dont take it to heart man..these dudes are crazy up in here. If they dont like what you have to say or you like Xbox you stand no chance.

I have both systems and altho I can tell a slight difference in graphics, its not leaps and bounds better than XB1. Not saying the PS4 wont increase fidelity gap again with time. As of right now its not..

I can't, but im pretty sure someone will try!

Ausbo2617d ago

Ok ok. You guys proved me wrong.

dont ever call me a fan boy though. I dont want to be associated with that filth on n4g.

Oner2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

@ GameNameFame, Ezz2013 & Fr0sty ~ EXACTLY. You have to laugh at how those who actually completely believe minor software improvements trumps better STOCK hardware...but what can you expect from those who try to use math to prove a point and when that same math is thrown back at them they disagree and argue. Contradiction much?

purp13m0nk3y2617d ago

Wow! This again!? Why oh why are we having the same argument we've been having for 12months+....again!

Nothing has changed in the last 12months. PS4 hardware still > Xbox1 hardware. And it will still be the case in another 12months.

I hope to f'k we are still not feeding the same BS flame bait articles by then. Then again I thought that 12months ago too....


DLConspiracy2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I think its important to remember that anything under PS4s resolution will be pointed at and looked down upon in the comments online. Yet people will still play all consoles regardless with a smile on their face.

dantesparda2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )


COD Ghost and MGS:GZ say hi, both have a res that is 125% higher than the X1 versions

BF4 has a 56% higher res and a better framerate then the X1 version. Do you want me to go on? Cuz there are many more. Honestly, you couldnt have said a dumber thing.

Also, does the guy being interviewed even know his own game? He says the game runs regularly at 60fps when it doesnt and he claims both tear, when the PS4 version doesnt tear at all. Just more stupid sh*t from these devs that come off like they dont even know what they re talking about.

conanlifts2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Why does everyone keep quoting 50% more power. To be 50% more powerful would the PS4 not need to be 1.97Tflops instead of 1.84?

Serious question BTW, I own both consoles so just want a decent explanation.

dantesparda2617d ago


It comes from the original TF numbers which were 1.23TF before MS overclocked the GPU to 853MHz, thereby raising the teraflops to 1.31TF, which your right isnt 50% more (its 40.7% more). However, the PS4 still has 50% more shader cores/units (1152 shader vs 768) and also has 50% more compute units (18CUs vs 12). So thats were it comes from. However, there's a bunch of other areas where the PS4 is more powerful, like for example, its got a 100% more ROPS (32 vs 16) and they matter for resolution. Its also has 400% more ACE/queues(Asynchronous Compute Units) (8/64 vs 2/16). Its got 50% more Texture Units (72 vs 48) and 88% more pixel fillrate at 25.6GPixels vs 13.6 and 40% higher texture fillrate at 57.GTexels vs 40 on the X1. Also the PS4 176GB/s memory bandwidth is 258% higher than X1's 68GB/s to its RAM. However, it does also have 204GB/s bandwidth but only to its 32MB eSRAM. Which in my opinion is to small, hence alot of the systems issues. The X1 does have a 9.375% higher clocked CPU (at 1.75GHz vs 1.6) but there is reason to believe that the PS4's CPU may still be faster (due to benchmarks). Also the GPU on the X1 is 6.6% mhz higher.

wsoutlaw872617d ago

A lot of the comments hear are acting as if ms added 10% which would add to the tflops and the hardware its self. It is still the same hardware, they are just allowing devs to use 10% more of it than they were.

Sy_Wolf2617d ago

@Ausbo The GPU in the PS4 has twice as many compute units giving it a 50% performance advantage with GPU compute. It also has more stream processors. Also you should learn about how hardware works before you try to comment on it. The PS4's GPU certainly isn't clocked twice as fast as the one in the Xbox, that would require liquid cooling and an insanely binned GPU. Also a way bigger power supply.

Azzanation2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Seems like you brought into another one of Sonys hype. Just like Cell last gen. PS4 isn't 50% more power, its 50% faster. Look up the differences before you post next time.

a08andan2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Some people don't seem to understand that the teraflops numbers we have been given are the theoretical maximum of each console. The PS4 will ALWAYS be about 50% more powerful in terms of raw numbers, however over the years developers will get new and improved tools and techniques to reach that maximum theoretical performance. But the difference in numbers between the consoles will NEVER change.

otherZinc2616d ago


The PS4 sure isn't showing 50% more power in its exclusives:

Killzone Shadow Fall: no Campaign Co-op, shoot an enemy in the chest they fall forward...ridiculous

Infamous Second Son: "hop" up a building to a window, look at the building behind you, then look at the same building through the isn't the same building! I mean LMAO! It's like the building turns into a McDonald's, a Gas Station, a Pizza Hut, or something; whatever it is, it isn't the same building. It's open world with nothing in it, very stupid AI, no damage left on buildings, you can beat a car with this massive Rottweiler dog chain & leave no damage to the car, then the car explodes after a

Knack: well, this is self explanatory garbage.

The Order 1886: you have 4 interesting Campaign Co-op? Wtf?

Drive Club: started off very ambitious, now has no where near the features it said it was going to have.

So, where's this 50% more power? It's all talk because it isn't on display in their Exclusive Games.

GameNameFame2613d ago


Lol. what ever criticism you may have not to mention those are complete BS. Still cant deny looks far better than X1.

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Magicite2617d ago

Basically author says: PS4 stands still, X1 is improving. Pathetic at best.

PlayableGamez2617d ago

Idiot, you can get all three if you want.

2cents2617d ago

stop arguing over stupid sh1t people.

Who the hell doesn't already know the specs. Just go and play some games on these consoles instead of wasting your lives arguing over teraflops.


how about the PS4 camp being happy for the xbox camp that they will now be getting more stable multiplats. Xbox owners be happy of the same thing. Also, xbox owners... the x1 will NEVER be as powerful as the PS4. Specs and hardware are defined till the end of this generation. Just end this useless measuring contest or someone is gonna get it in the eye.


Infamazdre2617d ago

I'm an Xbox fan regardless but everyone already knows that gap ain't closing I also know it's not that big a deal unless you have a super dope TV. The big difference is between last Gen and current and my Xbox one sure looks a Hella lot better than my ps3

funkybudda2617d ago

And my PS4 games blow Xbox 360 games out of the water.

madjedi2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

A super dope tv, any half decent tv will show the difference between 1080p and below.

Could you have picked any more of brain dead comparison, 8 yr old hardware vs 1-2 yr old hardware. Wtf kinda results were you expecting.

Flamingweazel2617d ago

How can a hardware diff CLOSE?? The gap will always be there, the extra 10% is just allocated from what x1 has, it is still the same amount LESS then what PS4 has, MAn the gaming media and the FPS, Resolution, power excuses are embarassingly bad

TruthInsider 2617d ago

The 7770 v 7850 is wrong.

They both have slightly cut back 7790(xbone) and 7870(PS4) cards.

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Festano2617d ago

Microsoft is listening to users, and finally we see the first results.

DanielGearSolid2617d ago

Gotta be the Devil's Advocate here

This game runs way better on Ps4...

What results are referring to?

Bigpappy2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Read the article. The developer did not use the new SDK on the X1 version yet. That's what the article is about. He is pointing out that he can patch the x1 vision.

As someone who is a hardware tech and only have basic programming skill for aiding hardware design, I will not come on here and make any claims of being a game or graphic designer. But what I will do is pay attention to what Multiplat developer say they can or cannot accomplish.

Eejanaika2617d ago

looks like you gotta be the fanboy apparently

Imp0ssibl32617d ago

They're doing better, agreed. But I don't think that it will be enough to counter the inherent PS4 hardware advantage, just wait for Uncharted 4 to be released and everyone will see.

lifeisgamesok2617d ago

10% gpu, at least 5% cpu (revealed from the Crew developers)

johndoe112112617d ago

You cannot close the distance between hardware specs. One machine will ALWAYS be able to outperform the other. No amount of 10%gpu, 5%cpu, directx, hidden triple core cpu super overdrive hardware esram tricks is ever going to change that.

If that was the case then video card manufacturers would not need to be making upgraded video cards every 6 months. They would have just either released software drivers to boost performances or sent out firmware updates to allow the cards to utilize more power on the older video cards.

This is going to be a very long, very harsh generation for people like you.

BX812617d ago

The hardware may not be the same but the graphics aren't too far off. You might as well accept the fact that the xb1 is not as strong as the ps4 but can produce some nice ass looking games. Kinda like the ps4 isn't going to do what high end pc's can do but it can produce some quality stuff like the order.

madjedi2616d ago


When one console version of the game is rendering twice the pixels as it's competition, the graphics definitely are far off.

No one(rational) is saying the xb1 is incapable of producing gorgeous looking games. But stop trying to spin the xb1 hardware as slightly weaker than the ps4.

For a guy proclaiming to not be on anyone's side, you sure have a bad habit of defending the xb1 against any detractors. At least far more often than a truly "neutral" gamer should be.

vlashyr2617d ago

Micorosoft is recovering against Sony, but in time when the hardware of Ps4 will be exploited more there will be again the differences.

odderz2617d ago

Yes, but then there will be directx 12 and the cloud .... we'll see.

sinspirit2617d ago

The cloud will not increase console performance. Azure cloud is not built for processing any heavy workloads, let alone that almost no one has an internet connection good enough to stream that functionality.

DX12 will make almost no difference for X1. X1 already has the low level API that DX12 is basically trying to adapt to PC's.

madjedi2616d ago

These are troll posts right?

kaiserfranz2617d ago

Well, now I want to see the games at 1080 fps 60.