13 features the PS4 needs to be a kick-ass console

Come on Sony, you know you want to add these features

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TimeSkipLuffy1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

MY 1. priority
- (3D)BluRay playback
- install games on external hard drive (simply no exchange of the internal HD necessary anymore & not limit to future HD size limit)

awesome features:
playback any kind of audio format and video format
maybe even 10bit h.264? :D

I know other ppl want other features but this is it for me. I can live without all those social features that only takes RAM away for games.

JBSleek1580d ago

PS4 already dedicated RAM for things like social features so no need to fret.

TimeSkipLuffy1580d ago

yeah but that part of the RAM could have been used for games instead. More RAM is always good especially if you want to achieve 1080p with 60fps

Giul_Xainx1579d ago

I have to disagree with external hdd installation.

Usb drives are not as fast as an internal memory reader. The bus is not reliable. And it would only open up the console to more security threats.

Sorry but if you install games and never play them then just delete them. (We all don't know that you are horder, but making comments like this tends to hint that you are.)

Audio codecs. Mp3, mp4, wav, and maybe flac are the only codecs that are trust worthy.

ramiuk11580d ago

3d bluray support
mkv support with DTS
external HD support

thos 4 things and this generation is in the bag.

Volkama1580d ago

Games and then some more games, and after that perhaps some more games. Then maybe some of these features. And more games.

TimeSkipLuffy1580d ago

If this wouldn't be about features than games is all I want, too :D

But as I moved to digital this gen my HD will be getting full very fast with all PS+ games + PS4 games. I prefer switching USB HD then changing the internal HD. That way I can even plug in a 6TB drive. 3 times more than the internal maximum.

Darkstares1579d ago

Some of those features were advertised OVER A YEAR AGO. It's a bit ridiculous they take so long getting these features out.

snarls2001579d ago

some eatures for announced for the ps3 at the reveal took even longer to get released if i remember

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XiSasukeUchiha1580d ago

My feature would 3D bluray playback and that would be all!

biggie23161580d ago

The features I want are 3D blue ray play back, 3D games and my number one is a true Bluetooth headset no wires to plug in to the controller or stupid dongles hanging from my console

welly3001580d ago

Remember ps3 ad campaign it only does everything....wht the hell happend this is where the x1 wins. job adverts for sony research in that area show we are not getting anything major anytime soon I love my ps4 i just expected so much more at launch .

Volkama1580d ago

Not sure job adverts are a definitive way to tell what Sony are working on. There are already some people employed there :-)

welly3001579d ago

Lol yeah because we get so many updates for the ps4 just like the x1 :) mp3 dlna external hrddrive support can't be that complicated if they had the people in place surely we wld have seen somthin. But I forgot u cant be critical of anythin sony lol.

Volkama1579d ago

That seems a pretty odd way to interpret my comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.