Vote “Yes” for Gurumin on Greenlight, get a free copy

Mastiff says it will give free Steam copies of Gurumin to everyone who votes "yes" for it on Greenlight after it passes through the process.

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Snookies121551d ago

That's really cool of them, definitely gave it a "yes".

Felis_Rufus1551d ago

Upvoted and gave it a "yes".

plmkoh1551d ago

Bought this on PSP years ago, don't if I'd play it again on PC though.

inf3cted11551d ago

That should be prohibited. Liking a game for a free copy, thats the same thing as putting my crappy game onto greenlight, and giving a copy to everyone who likes it. Great, now I am ready to ripoff thousands of people because my game got approved because of free copy giveaways.

Moncole1551d ago

Postal 2 also did this when it was on greenlight, why dont you like free stuff?