Destiny Beta Gameplay Is Impressive

With the Beta now upon us, what has really changed since the Alpha release last month? Well, not very much. And as it turns out, that’s actually a great thing…The core gameplay is broken into three different segments. Primarily, players will be exploring the world(s) of Destiny via a first person mode. The gunplay remains very polished in all aspects, including hip fire aiming, down the sights aiming, and especially in recoil. Heavier weapons feel and sound throatier, shotguns rip through enemies at close range, and sniper rifles have a good feel as extended shots are fine tuned. Since damage is indicated in an RPG-style display, it is visually confirmed that head shots do more damage. As such, foes (both AI and fellow Guardians) drop significantly faster with well timed shots.

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oODEADPOOLOo1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Couple things stuck out to me... the controls feel weird, they feel a bit slow to pan left or right compared to the sensitivity for camera. And I kind of get a warframe vibe from areas where you go to for campaign, just a relatively small map with a set obj to comeplete with some baddies in the way..rinse and repeat. So what I wonder is how much of a single player is this game gonna get and is it more expansive then what was in beta in terms of map size and variety of battle, and does it feel samey too soon?


I too am worried a little bit about the story, but am wondering with the lvl caps if it'll keep an option for harder difficulties, and wondering how long the single/co op will be... As I hope the focus will be on this rather than competitive mode. As far as the controls... I think they are spot on. Hope it gets a little less aim assist is all.

LilRhone1871648d ago

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Nekroo911648d ago

Scams arent allowed in here. Expecially with an account created 2h ago, with the same comments about a key.