Win ONE of 21 Limited Edition XBOX ONE Consoles

Microsoft has partnered with several game studios and companies to create 21 winnable limited edition Xbox Ones for San Diego Comic-Con

Goku7813237d ago

Practically giving Xbox Ones away.

funkybudda3237d ago

Lol, no one cares about Xbox Done.

Funantic13237d ago

Obviously you do. You clicked on this article.

Prime1573236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

I'm not the nicest towards Microsoft, but I give a dang, especially for that Dragon age xb1... shwing.

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Dontworrybhappy3237d ago

Does nobody know what advertising is anymore? You all hate the Xbox One so much yet... you talk about it all the time. What is the old saying, 'Even bad advertising is good advertising'or whatever the hell it is! XD

dcj05243236d ago

Right? If you Don't care the X1 so much then why are you hating on it so much.

user95589033237d ago

(insert negative comment about Xbox one cause that's what all the cool kids are doing)

xboxftw3236d ago

As it goes in schools the bullies are the most insecure people themselves picking on smaller kids than themselves. Here it's the norm now since xbox fans have abandoned this site due to rampant pollution of every article by sony fanboys so these insecure kids can say whatever they feel like about ms console feeling all proud of themselves.

DFogz3237d ago

I kinda like the Evolve one, but the rest just look terrible. Seriously, who designed these?

JackOfAllBlades3237d ago

I gotta admit, some of them do look rather tacky and or unattractive

CrimsonReLLiK3237d ago

I like the Evolve one, and I like how neat the art covers the Fantasia one.

Chevalier3237d ago

I love the Evolve one and the Dragon Age isn't too bad. The rest are just plain ugly.

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