Bungie Weekly Update - 07/18/2014

Bnet Tru7h:

This week at Bungie, we launched the first stage of the Destiny Beta.

In our last episode, we compared the Beta to a rocket. As that metaphor holds up under the strain of hundreds of thousands of breathless downloads, we’ll remind you that we’re just getting started. The boost to orbit has many stages, and our launch only culminates when every last one of you has completed your journey to the stars.

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ShiftShock1557d ago

Anybody still looking for Ps4 Beta codes? I have a couple left over.

Saelyn1557d ago

I actually am given that I have been working a lot I haven't been able to get any. How is everybody able to get these :/?

KwietStorm1557d ago

Pre order. You really didn't know?

Saelyn1557d ago

Nope dead serious I haven't been reading any news on gaming, Been to GS, Amazon or anything in days. It's literally been work, sleep, work, evo, work, sleep with some FF14 thrown in lol.

iDadio1557d ago

One pre-order netted you 3 codes, hence everybodys generosity :)

Saelyn1556d ago

Ah so perhaps I should just run to GS and pre-order today since I actually have nothing planned surprising and put 5.00 down.

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Dontworrybhappy1557d ago

I just got a PS4 one a couple hours ago even though I applied for Xbox One. Good thing I have a PS4 as well! I ain't missin shit this gen!