Is Destiny the shooter we need?

PS4Daily: "Destiny is on everyone's mind these days. Is it the shooter we need?"

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johndoe112111643d ago

Really don't know if it's the one we need but it's definitely the one I want. That game is mad fun.

DLConspiracy1643d ago

I think your thoughts on this are pretty sound. I worry about the longevity of the game as well. I think we all hope it's going to be the game we need, but there is so much hype it's hard to really know till it's been a few months.

joab7771642d ago

I actually think its being built with longevity in mind...thats the point. Now, longevity always depends on how much ppl enjoy the game...but its being made to entice ppl to go after rewards that will require a time investment. Add PvP and there will be plenty to do.

The question is, like many mmo's. Can it create a community that continually coaxes ppl back each and every time new content releases?

DLConspiracy1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Well that's sort of his/my point. Although it may unfold better down the line (10 yr plan) but is it going to be that enthralling? Will we just wade through it? So far all I know is that we are to become legend. That we have been almost made extinct and that this is our last chance sort of thing. Without a character protagonist it could lack for some.

shinrock1642d ago

I feel what u r saying. But i have to ask, i have watched the feeds and all i saw was shoot, loot, customise, then repeat. Then to top it all off no real story mode to enjoy. I have a problem with that because i love a good story and Bungie is in my eyes a hell of a story teller.

I felt the same way with Titanfall's so called campaign. I get to play in a couple of days but the feeds i'v seen haven't shown me that i need Destiny. This will be the first Bungie game that has me not that excited.

Not trying to be funny, just looking for some other opinions about it, maybe im just not seeing it!
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DLConspiracy1642d ago

I am excited more for the game play than the story at this point. So I can relate. That could be a weird balance. Is it both story and gameplay? I think that's the question we are all waiting to find out. I am excited but not as much as I thought I would be.

dcj05241642d ago

Ah, you should play it. There is a story but it's the beta so obviously you won't see much. For me the explore missions are the best part.

Gozer1642d ago

The player count in each of Destinys game modes trouble me. 3 player co-op is ok, but the count in the other MP modes are troubling imo.

ape0071643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

as good as destiny can be and as much as i like FPS online MP, a major part seem missing, we need great FPS campaigns

games like half life 1/2, perfect dark/ge007, Quake 1/2, time splitters, DOOM(can't wait for the gameplay), bioshock, turok 1/2, halo 1/CoD 4(those two are the best in their style), The World is Not Enough etc....

Muadiib1642d ago

Time Splitters is all about mp though, strange choice there.

DallasTrout1642d ago

It's not the shooter we need, but the one we deserve.

knifefight1642d ago

If you didn't do it, I was going to.

Well done.

MegaSackman1642d ago

I came just to read someone write this.

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The story is too old to be commented.