Interview with Ashley Johnson, the actress who gave life to Ellie in The Last of Us

Her experience with Naughty Dog, the influence of the actors in videogames and a joke related with binary code.

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MysticStrummer1738d ago

I wonder what kind of cut voice and mo cap actors get when there's a remaster of what they already did.

Baka-akaB1738d ago

Except for extra lines and reworks , i dont see how they'd get more . It just basically means that the same game keep selling , so they'll get their contracted wages and the established royalties dividends , if there are any .

It's the kind of thing lawyers would cover extensively anyway

MysticStrummer1738d ago

I'm sure that's true. It would still be based on their original contract.

randomass1711738d ago

What Baka-akaB said. She would only get paid if they called her in to do more work of some kind. Otherwise she probably would not get anything.

medman1738d ago

I like her smile. And her laugh. And her voice. I like Ashley Johnson.