Port Begging – 10 Wii U exclusives we wish were coming to the PS4

PSGamer - The Wii U has been slowly building an impressive portfolio of exclusive games and it is not just Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and Kirby that are filling the roster. There are some great indie games finding a home on Nintendo’s “little console that could” as well as some high-profile AAA games.

Here at PSGamer we are greedy. We love our PlayStation consoles and are more than happy with the amazing games on the PS4 and Vita, but we always want more. We also think it is healthy to check out what the competition has available or in the pipeline. We think it’s okay to “covert your neighbours console”. With this in mind, we pulled together this list of 10 Wii U exclusives we wish were coming to the PS4.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1552d ago

Who the hell would want ZombieU on PS4? Pfff Bahaha

Vegamyster1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Edit: Wrong person lol.

deafdani1551d ago

Zombi U is a great game, despite its shortcomings. However, if it appeared on PS4 it wouldn't be the same without the second screen experience. Unless it worked in tandem with the Vita to achieve this, but then, the potential market to reach would be pretty limited, because not everyone owns a PS4 and a Vita.

iplay1up21551d ago

Clearly you have not played Zombi U....Psh Bahaha

badz1491552d ago

right? I think exclusives should remain exclusives because they define a console.

plus nobody would want a Wii U if Nintendo exclusives are on the other consoles as well seeing as it's the least powerful among all current gen consoles. MK8 runs at 720p 60fps on the Wii U, the other 2 will easily run it at 1080p 60fps. my god...imagine the slaughter the Wii U will receive in comparison videos!

the Wii U is still breathing thanks of its exclusives and there's no way around that. without them, it has gotten even overlooked over the aging PS3 and 360 just like last year. no way in hell it can ever compete in multiplats seeing it's how they have distanced themselves since the Wii and the fact that it's considerably weaker doesn't help too.

Vegamyster1552d ago


Look at the list, it's games from 3rd party/indie studios with the expectation of W101 which was made by Platinum but funded and published by Nintendo.

Jiiiiiiin1552d ago

You dont like the list↑ lol

user74029311552d ago

i would like zelda and mario.

MrSwankSinatra1552d ago

The developers of shovel knight made it pretty apparent that they want the game to appear on other platforms.

Metallox1552d ago

Shovel Knight it's not even a Wii U exclusive, but fair enough.

Also, when was A Hat in Time confirmed for Wii U? And it wouldn't be exclusive at all either because the game is for PC as well.

BigDuo1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

As of March 2014, A Hat in Time is actually not confirmed for Wii U yet because the developer said it wants to first complete development on the PC version. However, it has been talking with Nintendo and the developer is optimistic about the game's chances of coming to Wii U later on.

The developer said it is also open to putting the title on PS4 and Xbox One, but it won't be anytime soon because they'll want to finish the PC version and won't make any announcements for other platforms until after.

wonderfulmonkeyman1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Am I the only one here that wouldn't mind seeing Jak&Daxter or Ratchet&Clank on the Wii U?
The art style of the games fits so well...
I'll gladly buy Sony consoles for those two series alone, but the wishes aren't limited to just Sony gamers, here.

In the end, though, the best thing to do, is to put away the console war soldier uniform, and take however long you have to take, to save up for two consoles, to become a multiplatform gamer.

I chose PC and Wii U for the best of both first and third party, with a PS3 still with me from last gen for the few exclusives that will still come to it.

How about the rest of you?

Hanso1552d ago

i still play my ps3 my vita and 3ds
Yesterday i tried the Destiny Beta on my ps4 and it was very good! Cant wait 2015 for Blodborne, The Order and Uncharted 4
I will also get a wii u for 101, Bayo and Zelda but ill wait for another pricedop..

Xbox one never

wonderfulmonkeyman1551d ago

If the price is the issue, Nintendo is selling refurbished systems for $199 on its site.
Just saying.

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