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Microsoft and Sony need a recognizable face.

If you ask any gamer, casual, hardcore, or otherwise, who the face of Nintendo is, they won’t hesitate to say Mario. That English speaking Italian plumber who was created by the Japanese is an image that connects people from all over the world. Forget face of Nintendo – he’s pretty well the face of gaming itself. Nintendo owns a timeless icon, but who on Earth is Microsoft’s mascot? Sony’s?

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Community1584d ago
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iamnsuperman1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I think mascots are a thing of the past and so creating a new mascot is near impossible. The "recognisable face" is the service itself. Look at Sony branching out with the Playstation brand. That is the recognisable face as people know what playstation is (and in some ways has a bigger standing than Sony itself)

itBourne1584d ago

I agree, growing up, adults and casual people would say oh they are in the bedroom playing Nintendo, regardless of what was actually being played. Since the ps2 era everyone says, Oh they are playing Playstation. At least that is how it is in my case. Coke doesnt have a mascot, everyone refers to soda as coke lol.

Pro Racer1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Microsoft Sam needs a face. Everyone can relate to the Microsoft Sam.

Sony has Kevin Butler.

Pain1583d ago

I'm fine and dandy with just Logo's imo, yeas i remember the days of mascots and booth babes and mascots are nice but they kinda leave you thinking its all the got.

Like you think Disneyland you think a mouse, last gen you thought Xbox most of the time Master chief came to mind and that and theres a lot of expectations of the mascot and the games hi/she is in and if they suck there are laughable... or in the case of Kevin Butt somebody Forks up HUGE.. "you sunk my battle ship?" comes to mind..

Logos' case in point PS4 don't need a masscot since the Logo "PS4" pretty much sums it up you see/hear/read it you think stuff.

ShinMaster1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I thought Microsoft already had Master Chief('s helmet)

I don't think Sony NEEDS to spam one character constantly. Sony invests in a wide variety of games and genres. That's something that many people like because it rarely gets old.

Take the Wii U for example.
When someone is unconviced about buying one, you'll have people say, "well there's Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros U and Luigi U, Mario and Sonic Olympics and Mario Kart 8, etc" And that's the problem.

Godmars2901584d ago

Not so much one mascots multiple ones. Ones for groups of people or certain genres of games. Like Drake for adventure, Knack for kids and... something puzzle oriented?

As things stand, everything is for frat boys and if you don't like it then tough.

wsoutlaw871584d ago

This is kind of silly because it just says create a mascot. How do you make a mascot? You milk a game for years and years and put its face everywhere. people who actually play the games would prefer the great series of games like god of war, killzone, uncharted, infamous, crash, jack, and all the others. This way, if say, if you dont like mario games, you dont consider that the entire representation of the system.

CyberSentinel1583d ago


"How do you make a mascot? You milk a game for years and years and put its face everywhere."

Let's not forget that's exactly what a lot of publishers in media want today, advertising $$$.

Today's consoles have evolved, and so are the "kids" and adults who "play" them.
The mascots era is very nostalgic, but its also a thing of the past.

N4g_null1583d ago

You guys don't get what an icon is. Mario has soccer, music, kart racing, 3 different puzzle games that are all actually fun. It seems we have a bunch of dude Bros that forgot all of that. Cod can rot your brain I guess.

Sack boy, drake, or Kratos has never done that. They are just one trick ponies and don't really offer gaming styles that vary. This is what eventually killed sonic also.

If these where only pcs then a mascot would not be needed. Mascots define a systems over game attitude. Nec had bonk, sega had sonic, sony use to have crash. Knack is lifeless.

Basically sony is loosing their personality due to having less money and trying to monetize their brand like ms. The free online and innovation with a formate war gave them their personality. ... none of those are in the ps4. So yeah its time sony learns to make classics game type and or a mascots.

iamnsuperman1583d ago

I think what makes you point invalid is Sony and Microsoft have done quite well without one. Sony, recently, had done phenomenally well with no "personality" as you put it (which I disagree with). If mascots were so important should the Wii U be selling a lot better than the PS4. Mascots are fairly irrelevant unless it has already been established

andibandit1583d ago


Thats because you are thinking about it in the wrong way. Mascots have the potential to make something even better, but they dont create a magic border that says,

trouble_bubble1583d ago

NEC and Sega? Neither makes consoles anymore. Proof that mascots don't mean $#*%

ShiranaiJittai1583d ago

Normally I just mind my own business but there are simply too many to ignore.

First of all Playstation has had mascots before they just aren't as widespread as Mario because I mean what is? Did you really just throw Mario in with music stating it was a legitimately fun game? That is one of the only games in the entire history of Nintendo that caused the creators to simply state "my bad" so no sorry not a legitimate argument.

Then we have dude Bros (what does that even mean) Sackboy* Drake* were on pc* A Mascot defines a system* NES* Sony is losing* format* it is time*

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Spellcheck!

Why bother commenting on this specific comment. Think I am being mean? Not at all. You are posting a comment trying to correct others and give your own interpretation you want to be taken seriously you want to sound like you know what you are talking about. That is all well and good but no one will with that many typo's and I mean no one. So it is positive criticism given in a harsh manner without sugarcoating it. If you spellcheck the comment before you post it it will come off as more professional. Then again the English language is being butchered with so many imaginary abbreviations that it may not matter.

Back to Sackboy, they actually did try to do this. LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet Karting, LittleBigPlanet3 adding new characters (branching it out) Media Molecule is not working on LBP3 they are working on something to do with Virtual Reality more than likely Project Morpheus. You can bet Sackboy will make an appearance there.

They have a simple plan when it comes to Mascots how successful they have been is up to interpretation but it is to have one for each age range.

E = Sackboy, Ratchet & Clank
T = Nathan Drake
M = Kratos

They are all legitimate mascots they don't have the pull of Mario I mean what does but they DO have mascots.

N4g_null1583d ago

Well sup man you can answer why is Nintendo even in the race still? If sony wanted to seal the deal then they would have one accompanied by good game play.

wsoutlaw871583d ago

so you think having a bunch of unrelated games, with a single character who makes no difference at all to games, that is just thrown in there to be a "mascot" is a good thing? I just dont see why.

N4g_null1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Sorry ShiranaiJittai I usually comment casually. Most people that come here are mostly wanna be writers trying to flog their "Web sites" for revenue.

I really don't hold conversations here anymore I'd rather spend time talking to people that are in the industry or true fans.

Your corrections are what ever really. I usually am rushing when I comment here because no one really is worth talking to here so sorry. Most of the good comment generators have left.

I stand by what I am saying. See I even edited an auto correct just for you! Also all of you show your age by not knowing mario paint had a great song writing side. You really can not miss what you don't know about.

Most of sony's mascots have had mediocre game play at best.... which means no replay value and a lot of dead mascots that will join Crash. This is really the symptom of not being able to craft game play and tieing a character to that level of polish. Mario can introduce a checker playing game and you know it will be at a certain level.

Sony is banking on tech in a world where tablets and phones are doing 4k screens and Gpgpus are more powerful than their whole system. Sony is leaving the desktop space for that very reason. They simply can not keep pace.

This is also a symptom of sony not being a real video game company. They are more of an entertainment conglomerate that wanted to do video games. I've accepted them as that and have just stopped waiting or watching for them to do more.

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iNFAMOUZ11583d ago

iamsuperman your probably a kid, mascots are still important, look at master chief for ms and mario for nintendo, what does sony have??

trouble_bubble1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Games I actually wanna play?

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Yi-Long1584d ago

... but it seems they're a bit hesitant to really push forward 1 big 'mascotte'.

itBourne1584d ago

Well they have stated in the past that they do not want a singular mascot. I do love me some sackboy though ^^

JimmyDM901584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I always felt like the mascots of PS3 were Sackboy, Nathan Drake and Kratos.

shinrock1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

You maybe right. But only ps fans know thoses characters.

Aldous_Snow1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Sony's list is endless

Microsoft has Paul Rudd's ugly brother.

Aldous_Snow1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Thumbs down for a pro Sony Comment? The tides are turnin here at N4G lol

You're a fickle bunch :)

Who was that blonde haired guy/character who used to do all the PS3 adverts? And spoke on stage at E3 a few times. He was friggin hilarious. Shame he & Sony parted ways. He would have been awesome for this new gen

ArtificiallyYours1584d ago

No it's just... Not funny in the least?

ape0071584d ago

nah you're just jelly cause sony doesn't have an icon like Master chief

DCfan1584d ago

You mean the doritos chief? or the dude bro?

Master-H1584d ago

I feel sorry for anyone that feels jelly of having Master Chief as an icon.. that's just lol

Snookies121584d ago

Sony does have icons, as stated above... Sackboy, Kratos and Nathan Drake. They just don't really rely on a single one, and that's a good thing.

ScottyHoss1583d ago

They had crash at one point, but post bungie master chief is a joke, just like your comment.

shinrock1583d ago

I wonder if you go and hold up a picture of Master chief next to Nathan drake which character would they know of! And im talking about mainstreamer's and casual audiences. I bet more people know about chief than they know about drake.

andibandit1583d ago

Of those contenders, i can only see sackboy being a serious contender.
Kratos is like always covered in blood from some gruesome kill,
and Nathan Drake, is busy Stumbling over a rock, and then moaning about it at the same time.

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eezo1584d ago

But where does Nintendo having any benefit of having one

jackanderson19851584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Mario Kart 8 increased console sales by massive percentages, has already sold 2.5million copies... i'd say that's the benefit

eezo1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I mean really u want to me list games sold in millions for Sony and Microsoft consoles ?? Without face The Last of us recently completed 7 million. Its all abt individual game no branding faces.

CorndogBurglar1584d ago

@ Eezo

Don't forget about the rest of jackanderson's comment.

He stated that Mario Kart 8 increased Nintendo console sales by massive amounts, which it did.

Did the Last of Us boost massive amounts of PS3 consoles? I understand it was later in the life-span of the PS3, so let me rephrase that. How many people, that didn't have a PS3 already, went out and bought a PS3 just to play The Last of Us?

Thats where the important question is.

voodoochild3461584d ago


You're not coming close to the 30 million of Mario Kart Wii without an established name.

InTheLab1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

All that proves is that Mario Kart is a strong title. Mario Golf doesn't sell consoles. And mario kart wii benefited from the wii fad. Wii sports sold 20m and there's no Mario there.

Why o why1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

That face of gran tourismo sure helped. . . .my point is that it didn't need one and highly doubt having one would of had any benefit. It's name/logo is akin to its mascot.

Mascots can undoubtedly be very import. You can't make a smash bothers clone without a roster of familiar faces. . Sony have many but are smart not to put everything behind one particular entity. . I think sony's audience is broader than Nintendo's. I also believe the older the audience the less need there is for a mascot to represent them. .

johndoe112111584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )


Your point is invaild. Mario Kart is an extremely popular franchise, TLOU was a new ip. New ip's rarely ever move consoles on a large scale. You need to compare mk8 to uncharted, GT or GOW, those games sell systems and lots of them.

Mk8 selling systems has absolutely nothing to to with mario being identified as a mascot, it has to do with the fact that the game is a hell of a lot of fun and is a very popular franchise.

All popular franchises on all systems sells consoles.

elhebbo161584d ago

@eezo but his point was that having an easily recognizable mascot on your platform can make a game based on him sell millions EVEN on a low selling console on wii u. The PS3 has a player base of around 80 million so 7 million copies sold of TLOU is nothing compared in ratio to MK8.

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jackanderson19851584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Surely Master Chief is MS's mascot... it'd be synonymous with the xbox brand and that's what would be required for a mascot no?

badz1491584d ago

the article said "face". MC is basically a helmet! LOL

he could be a robot for all we know.

badz1491584d ago

I know he's not a robot. I'm not a fan of the series but I know that much. watching Red and Blue, do you even know Lopez is a robot or Donut is not a girl if you didn't follow the series from the beginning?

I'm talking from a neutral point of view and from the looks alone, they are just bunch of space marines with different colors!

Abzki1583d ago

You must not understand what the author means by face..