PS Vita Playstation Store Sneak Peek For July 22nd

Check out all the games hitting the PS Vita next week.

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telekineticmantis1551d ago

Borderlans 2 Made my psvita worth it. I haven't played Borderlands,for any extended period of time until now. Sony should do this again, if they wont develop AAA games for the west, port some from ps3, like Mass Effect 3. There plenty of backlog that many haven't touched on ps3

illtornworld1549d ago

love these amazing games coming! god theyre soo many i wished PSVita would obtain PS3 games too, itd be incredible if it got PS3s vast catalog of JRPGS, id love a DMC collection, Journey, RE4HD, OkamiHD, just turn Vita into a portable PS3/4 machine and have its own unique AAA titles, be amazing 10 years!