Destiny Beta Gameplay Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some video of the opening segments of the Destiny Beta. The video shows an interesting fact that players play a character who had been dead for a long time prior to the start of the game.

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GamingSinceThe80s1553d ago

Anyone still need a U.S PS4 Beta code?

rhcpfan1553d ago

I'd love one if you still have it.

GamingSinceThe80s1553d ago

Gave away my last 2 codes so I'm all out now.

TheUberAsian1553d ago

Any one need a code? I got a code for both PS4 and PS3

Nicolee1553d ago

me please for PS4 , Thank you

De_Rezzed1553d ago

I'd really appreciate a PS4 code if you have one left XD.

ThichQuangDuck1553d ago

Wish I could be playing it. Will once I choose to get a PS4 or Xbox One this fall. Enjoy Guardians. Also good move on people giving out codes

Hazmat131553d ago

please sir, just one PS4 beta code. then my family can eat for the day. (private message)

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The story is too old to be commented.