The Last of Us Remastered Presentation Moves Sony Marketing Manager to Tears (Mild Spoilers)

The Last of Us can be a quite moving game, especially if the right scene matches up with your personal situation, and that’s what happened to Sony Asia Marketing and Product Planning Manager Naito Arata.

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XiSasukeUchiha1740d ago

Oh gosh that's make me want to see it (Sharingan)!

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dafegamer1740d ago

@masterfox yeah I dont get the hate he's getting either :S
Let him mind his business, since he's not harming anyone

SpinalRemains1381739d ago

See what again? You know the guy's daughter?

iamnsuperman1740d ago

Congratulations on the child but man that is just embarrassing

Abriael1740d ago

Personally I don't think it's too embarrassing to show one's humanity.

Insomnia_841740d ago

He's not just any human. He is superman! 😒😒

isa_scout1740d ago

More interested in those TLOU and Destiny special Edition ps4s coming out in other places than Japan. I already have a PS4, but I'd buy that TLOU edition in a heartbeat.

HeWhoWalks1740d ago

Some people don't understand what humanity is, unfortunately.

OT: Ready to play this bad boy all over again!

LOGICWINS1740d ago

I suppose there are a lot of emotional people out there. I don't see the issue with crying if thats what you want to do...but doing it during a presentation and then advertising that you cried on Twitter just doesn't seem natural to me.

Why would you assume that people on Twitter care if you cried or not? That seems like a personal moment that you would keep to yourself.

JBSleek1740d ago

Social media is weird... Filled the pictures of food and status updates about mundane tasks.

-Foxtrot1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Well it's like when people post on twitter/facebook when someone they loved has just died

Why tell everyone...I mean someone close to you has just died and the first thing you do is put it on a social media site. I would probably be isolated for a while.

It just looks like your attention seeking to be honest, the "feel sorry for me" post.

Thatguy-3101740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Showing others how powerful a game can be is actually something to brag about. Heck whenever I talk to others about my experience with Journey or in this case The Last of Us me crying is one of the first things I bring up. I for one cherish the material that makes me get emotional and love it when others experience it too.

LOGICWINS1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

@JB Sleek- Tell me about it. I deleted my Facebook account last summer. The narcissism is incredible. One of my coworkers wanted me to create an Instagram account just so I could follow her page. I'm not deluded enough to believe that other people care about me to the point where they would interested in seeing a photo of me stuffing a chilli cheese dog into my mouth while giving a thumbs up to the camera man.

Much less let everyone know that I'm a crybaby.

@Foxtrot-Exactly! I would never advertise the death of someone close to me on social media. It's clear you simply want people to feel sorry for you.

@dboyc- I don't see an issue if you're talking about your experience to close friends. What we're talking about is sharing your deep feelings to complete strangers on social media.

liquidhalos1740d ago

@ foxtrot, there are actually quite a few studies on grief and social media, it's actually seen now as a coping mechanism, a way of instantly reaching out for comfort in times of extreme need. It's a bit callous to presume that people who are going through terminal loss are all attention seeking.

andibandit1739d ago

Couldnt agree more, maybe i'd be more forgiving if he wasnt working for Sony, but as it stands this is how it looks.

Sony Site reports that, Sony Employee, moved to tears by Sony game, during Sony Presentation

Dosnt seem like PR at all, No Sir

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showtimefolks1740d ago


i don't think so, its human nature to feel stuff. For a parent the thought of loosing their child will bring out very sad emotions

geddesmond1740d ago

I don't have a child to relate too for that scene but I cried when seeing it to. Everything in that seen is set up the right way to set a person off.

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ArchangelMike1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

The Last of Us actually moved me tears

**********************SPOILER S***************************** * *

It was at the end of the fight between Ellie and David in the burning restaurant. The moment when she's sitting on him and stabbing him over and over, and then Joel comes bursting in a gathers her into his arms and she's crying...

awh... that moment right there is just one of many that make TLOU one of the best games ever made.

Abriael1740d ago

Yeah, that's very intense.

ltachiUchiha1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

This game was the complete package. Its rare to find a game with an amazing single player & also have an amazing multiplayer. TLOU & Uncharted 2 were 2 of the best games last gen to do those things. TLOU though was just an amazing experience. Going to be hard to top TLOU.

PlayableGamez1739d ago

A cut-scene mad TLOU one of the best games ever made? A cut-scene?

ArchangelMike1739d ago


Firstly your comment evidences the fact that you have not played TLOU yet :)

If you had you would understand that the "cutscene" in question is the culmination of the 'Winter' section of the game. The whole winter section of the game, i.e. the gameplay AND the story, both combine excellently to really capture what Ellie goes through in that section of the game.

The section then ends with that cutscene - and it is powerfully moving; precisely because of all that has gone before it gameplay-wise.

Secondly, a cutscene is still one of the most powerful ways to evoke drama, emotion and pathos in the viewer. That is why movies are still the most powerfully emotive medium. So yeah, "a cutscene" - what's wrong with that? It is exactly beacause of the brilliant combination of immersive gameplay AND emotive storytelling, that TLOU has won 5 BAFTA's and over 200 GOTY awards.

PlayableGamez1739d ago

Ugh. I have played TLOU and I thought it was an excellent game, however I do not agree that it was the best game ever. As a gamer, I cannot determine what is the best game ever because there is no such thing as a best game ever.
Why? Because I have to play every game in existent to make that determination.

However if a cut-scene is what makes TLOU the best game ever, then what would be the point of buying TLOU when you can watch it on Youtube if a cut-scene makes it an immersive experience? You are describing TLOU as if it was a movie/drama series more so then if it was a Video Game. I evaluate story, gameplay, music, and aesthetics to determine the quality of a game. TLOU touch based on all of those, but after playing many different games, it's hard to compare and contrast all the games I have played in my life. Why is it difficult? It's because every game is different. Every game has it's uniqueness and it's own powerful element as well weaknesses.
You will have to spend a whole life time to conclude TLOU is the best game ever. Because I know you have not played every game in existent.

RichardDawkins1740d ago

I choke up every time i see the scene with Sara in Joel's arms. I've played through the game six times and it gets me every time....

MysticStrummer1740d ago

Yeah a friend of mine who has a young daughter played the game before I did, and without spoiling anything he told me how heavy the beginning was. He was choked up even saying that much. That scene was amazing indeed.

Hellsvacancy1740d ago

Yeah THAT scene was pretty hard on me, i've gotta daughter (and a son) she'll will seven soon

Not a nice thing to think about, you know, your child dying in your arms

But then I got to kill kill kill so all was balanced

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