Destiny Diaries Part I: The Prelude

Ian Childs from High Score Reviews writes:

I was only five minutes into Destiny when I remembered why I stopped playing First Person Shooters. I was walking down a dark corridor, not entirely sure where I was meant to be going, when all of a sudden I noticed something scurry across my path in the distance. Mere moments later, they were shooting at me. They were actually trying to kill me. So I hid and hoped they’d go away. It was then that I finally accepted that I am a video game coward.

At this point it might be useful to explain why I, of all people, am writing about the Destiny Beta, though the explanation is a simple one: because I can. Having a friend who works at Activision can have its advantages, one of them being the odd entry code for a Beta, and in return I agreed to give him some form of feedback. Being a gamer of 30 years standing who doesn’t play FPS games means I may well have a different perspective to those that pre-ordered. And anyway, who can really turn down the chance to get their hands on one of the most highly anticipated games of the year?

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whybag1734d ago

I'm not sure the gameplay section he described is even five minutes. He might have spent more time watching intro cinematics than playing, but still felt that was worth writing about. Having a non-FPSer play your FPS beta sounds like a good way to broaden your appeal, but at this rate he might not even get to the next mission.

LittleBlondeTom1734d ago

Don't worry, haha, he got there! The diaries will continue tomorrow... ;-)

Utalkin2me1734d ago


Another code if someone needs one...